2023 March Madness Faithless Group


Hey all! password is faithless

Join here:



We can do low dollar buy ins

i think saf won last year? a measly 10 bucks.

why don’t we do 5 or 10

winner take all.

the more the merrier


Ahahhaha, I did not win last year, I couldn’t get in! You refunded me my buy in. It was so disappointing… when do we have to sign up by? I gotta get to a real computer so I don’t blow it again. :wink:


i would sign up asap.

if your significant others want to play please share the link and password w/ them too.

10 dollar buy in
winner takes all

money can be sent to Paypal: million.miles.of.nothing@gmail.com



Did my bracket make it in?


I’m in.

I picked mostly losers though.


both you and dougo are in.


I’m in. Have to my bracket still. Cool with the $$ just tell me where to send.


Steve will do one too :blush:


Steve sent you for mine and eyeball chambers


got it!



2 MORE DAYS TO SIGN UP :slight_smile:

dougo, i still need 10 smackers from you!


I thought I sent it to your paypal… I’ll have to check.

Might have gone into a different account, this one was in your name.



you’re all good dougo!
that’s my bad!


Thank god you didn’t preemptively break his kneecaps.


i was gonna snap his neck like a breadstick


We need some people to step up! Come on!!!


last day.