A Word Of Knowledge about The Church


I’m not sure what church Y’all attend, but I got a word from God that He is allowing more time for people get out if they are in an apostate church. Just wanted to share!


I go to the Church in the Wild Woods.


Jesus Christ.


I did a Dianetics session at the LA Church of Scientology. I learned a lot about myself. If you’ve got a spare 200 bucks i recommend it; not to become a card-carrying member but to just at least experience the introductory auditing. I engaged several engrams - pleasure and trauma - including my birth. It really helps with diffusing the reactive mind. Hubbard wasnt a psychologist so you need to take it with a grain of salt but you just gotta see how wacky those folks are. Scientology is basically a modern gnostic cult. Such idolatry. It’s fun to worship yourself as the wild godseed you are.


Thanks Meade, you just reminded me that I need to have my apostate checked


I had a channelling experience with the Ra complex in early 2018.

Read The Law of One channel sessions




I pray you find Jesus.


The story of Jesus was derived from Ra-horakhty in Egyptian mythology. Horus was the earthly incarnate of Ra.

Egypt had over a thousand gods which were based on extraterrestrial visitors.

We were put here by aliens, dude. The more you know…


Don’t waste your prayers. Pray for your zippers and buttons that they may find the strength


I do think there is some kind of higher power but I don’t believe in the cookie cutter bullshit that modern Christians sell.

Consider the key words think and believe. I hope I stimulate you intellectually to some degree rather than just some basic fear reflex where you close your eyes and pray for jesus to keep you safe from the gay demon on the interweb


Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine.


I knew a landscaper named Jesus. He was okay, but not my lord and savior.



A lady freaked out on my old co-worker. He told me he got in trouble for signing off on an email - thank you, Jesus. His name is Jesus.


They sure do serve a lot of donuts at church.

Even at Unitarian Churches.


I understand how statistics work, so I don’t go near churches because I do not want to be molested, and they have one of the highest ‘at risk’ rates as a location for molestation.


That is completely false. In fact, children are more likely to be molested in the home than at church.


It isn’t “cookie cutter” Quite the opposite. A personal relationship means that Lord knows you on an individual level. Like your best friend, only the friend that died for your sins so that you may have eternal life. Cookie cutter is a relationship with drugs and alcohol, bar night life, and other worldly things.


While that is true, the highest occurrence outside the home is in church. That’s why I stay away from them, because I am not in denial of what goes on there.