A Word Of Knowledge about The Church


I know the Methodists just came out against LGBTQ marriage and there’s probably going to be a divide because of that.

Presbyterians are more inclusive (or apostate, considering your point of view). I was raised as one. I grew up listening to a woman pastor, which I understand is forbidden in Baptists circles.

Meade, is there some kind of Facebook quiz I can take to find out what kind of Christian I am?


I don’t even know what “died for our sins” means. I’m guessing I’m not alone here.


Have you ever lied , stolen, cheated, or done something deceptive? That is an example of sin. Sin is what separates us from God. Good people can try to do “good things” - that is like a filthy wet rag in God’s eyes because He is of the utmost purity. Only through Jesus can we be redeemed and our sins forgiven, because we are no longer under the law, but saved by grace.


I have Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck. It has revealed some significant hurdles and opportunities for me to consider. I need to study the Kabbalah.

Thoth is an interesting god. He is self-created. He wrote himself into existence.


I have studied world religions too in college . It only strengthened my faith in the Lord. There are many religions, but there is only 1 faith.



i fuck up all the time. will till the day i die. i still think i’m better than you.


him dying seems drastic.


It was God’s plan. Someone had to die for us. I’m not sure why, but a lot of things we don’t understand because we’re not God. But as that old song goes “we will understand it better by and by”.


Jesus didnt have to die. The Romans killed him because they saw him as a subversive figure to their empire.

Somehow the story was taken out of context.

It’s a political story about rejecting fascist control that somehow became a fairytale about a guy who died for humanity’s sins


Yeah, you have no idea what it means either.


I’m about done. Holler at me when we get an ignore option.


Just wait it out. I’m sure he will offend me with cancer remarks again. Then I will be done.


There you go again with the “fascist” comment. It’s as if MSNBC put an app in your brain. Why? Why is everything to the right of Stalin fascist? And no, that’s not what happened. Jesus fulfilled Jewish scripture and prophecy and he rose again on the 3rd day. That is why we have the faith.


That great big head of yours and you choose to fill it with such shit.


With all of the fucking badges and cognitive behavioral therapy the board software offers, I’m surprised it hasn’t dispatched a terminator to Meade’s home.


Irony is all this disagreement and arguing is for nothing. You die, that’s it.


I agree.


And you’re in for a big surprise!


And so are you!