Active shooters in Midland/Odessa, Texas


I’m so sad, mad, angry right now.

Active shooters in West Texas where a good number of my family live.

20 people said to be shot including 3 police office and an 18 month old child, shot in the face.

America has a sickness.


21 people have been shot. 5 people have lost their lives.


God damn. When will this shit end?


Is your family safe, Monkey?


No end in sight. Americans love their guns. Ending this madness would take something drastic, like martial law to forcefully seize all automatic weapons, or advanced technology which allows peoples guns to be neutralized electronically


My family is good. Thanks, Nick.


8 people have now been confirmed dead, including the shooter.


And we will do nothing different… :angry:


This is unfair to Democrats, but it’s how it feels.