Amanda Shires Thread


New song today.


Does anyone know why she was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago?


If she was serious here, it sounds like an ectopic pregnancy.


And it sounded like they were in Texas, so who knows if she could get that surgery today.


Oh man!





I’m not a huge fan of her solo stuff. I will never get tired of this video though. It’s the best rendition of this song.


Also, she is strikingly beautiful


She adds so much to Jason’s music. I’m glad to see that they’re touring together at the moment, because it makes such a difference in his sound when she’s on stage.


And bat shit bonkers


She is? I hadn’t heard this.


I would say that she’s quirky. Batshit bonkers may be a bit more than I would say, but she’s definitely quirky.


But Jason is usually so strait-laced that it’s noticeable that she’s different.