Anyone happen to pickup this RSD 2022 release yesterday?


And by anyone, I mean you Balv. But, if anyone else might have obtained the John Craigie - Abbey Road Lonely & is willing to share it…well, that would be just swell. It was a limited edition of 500 & my local indie store did not get any.


i didn’t see it anywhere i went.

i’m bidding for it on ebay



If anyone is interested. I finally tracked down a download for this one.


I miss you.


I suppose being missed is preferable to being hit. Although my former masochistic self might argue that point.


I mean, at least you said masochistic and not sadistic. :wink:


Always keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Also missed you, @Jerry!


How are your feral cats that you’re looking after, Jerry?


They’re doing well. The two original cats turn 8 years old this spring.

BTW, I noticed you’re really into Elvis. You should check out a couple Bruce Campbell projects. The movie Bubba Ho-Tep. And his 1993 TV show the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Brisco took place in the 1890’s & one of the big themes was “the coming thing”. Nearing the turn of the century and all the wonderous things that the future held. It was part western. Part sci-fi. Part action. And part comedy. There were plenty of comical references to future stuff like Dunkin Donuts, John Cougar Mellencamp & Elivs to name a few.

There was a town sheriff by the name of Aaron Viva who was basically an Elvis impersonator. He was a side character that appeared in a few episodes. He spoke in Elvis lyrics at times. It was pretty funny overall. Below is a couple pictures of Aaron Viva from the short lived show.




Good to know! I was thinking about you and the cats this past winter, wondering if they were ok and if you were still looking after them.
I ended up with another rescue cat…
A little tuxedo showed up last November and decided to move in with me.
It worked out because one of my other rescue cats, Max, passed away and Goose, the other one, was not really herself but since Chloe showed up, Goose seems happy again.

Thanks for the info on Bruce Campbell.
@bakamomo told me about Bubba Ho-Tep but I didn’t know about the TV show. I’ll look for them. Yes, I saw the Elvis movie last summer and I ended up liking Elvis’s music and Elvis as a human being. I hadn’t listened to much of his music because I had a preconceived idea about him & his music before seeing the movie. What an amazing and decent person he was! And his music, so much variety! There’s something for everyone. And that voice! His vocal range is unbelievable!
Plus, he has so many great songs for singing along to, too! :blush:

So are you looking forward to the new Daredevil? :smiling_imp:
For me, MCU has been a bit boring since Phase 3… Dr. Strange was ok, Spiderman was fun and Thor seemed to be trying too hard to be funny. Hawkeye, Loki & Kamala Khan were fun but not as good as Daredevil.

Btw, good to have you back!


I did not know you took care of strays, Jerry. Cudos. Had one myself many years ago – think it is a beautiful thing to take care of those little creatures that has been shortchanged by life. Think about this Kinky Friedman quote from time to time: “People may surprise you with unexpected kindness. Dogs have a depth of loyalty that often we seem unworthy of. But the love of a cat is a blessing, a privilege in this world”.


I’m looking forward to the new Daredevil. But, I’m kinda ambivalent about it. I’m fearful it might lose it’s edge with moving from Netflix to Disney. I’m really glad Jon Bernthal will be returning as the The Punisher but again this will be the Disney version. I’m extremely displeased that Deborah Ann Woll & Elden Henson aren’t set to return as Karen Page & Foggy Nelson.

Most of the shine has come off the MCU. It’s become a paint by numbers affair. It’s like Star Wars with all the spin off shows, movies, etc. It’s become saturated & just not that interesting anymore. I still watch all of it. But, I lost most of my enthusiasm for it. I haven’t even bothered going to see the new Ant-Man/Wasp film yet. And I love Paul Rudd. But, I kinda don’t care that much these days. I’ll stream it at some point.

I’m actually revisiting The X-Files because not much else interests me these days except The Mayor Of Kingstown.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Yes, it’s great they’re bringing back Jon Bernthal but I didn’t know that Deborah Ann Woll & Elden Henson weren’t coming back. I loved those two in the Netflix series and it won’t be the same without them! Hmmm, it’s already starting to sound a bit disappointing…

Yup. MCU/superhero burnout for sure.

You can’t go wrong with The X-Files. That’s a classic! :100:


i was able to grab this one on RSD or at least i found it on discogs