Anyone have Scud Mountain Boys 1995 Demos CDR?


Scud Mountain Boys released the album Do You Love The Sun in 2013. If you pre-ordered the album directly from their label Ashmont Records you got a bonus 3 song CDR titled 1995 Demos. I was unaware of this at the time & I’ve never been able to find the CDR or even a download of that 3 song CDR. This community has probably been the best resource for locating hard to find rarities like this. I’ve done all the proper Google searches. I’ve checked Discogs, Ebay, Music Stack, Amazon, etc. The best luck I’ve had is a site (probably illegal) that makes you pre-pay in advance. They have it for download but I’ve been unable to pre-pay successfully. Thanks in advance.


I got ya, gimme a few minutes and I’ll get it in the box. Just the 3 song CD or also the Do you love the sun CD?


EDIT–OH man, no seeders…may not be able to get it…

Yeah, two year old upload, no seeders. Not looking good.


No problem. Thanks for trying!! I don’t have access to the box anyhow. The box is like for the cool kids with Members Only jackets, right? Just kidding. I’ve just dated myself by referencing Members Only jackets. There’s a VH1 I Love The 80’s joke in there somewhere.


Check soul seek

If u don’t have it I’ll check tomorrow for ya


I get it now. That’s why when I put the Bob Dylan Blood on The Tracks test pressing in the dropbox, you said in the thread, “I’m going to try to find this then”. You had me confused because it was in the box so I was wondering why you didn’t get it from there. And then I thought that maybe you wanted the vinyl and not the digital version…

Ha! No, the box isn’t for cool kids! :grin:
You need to be invited in by @LBSUNFLWR so just ask her for an invite.
You’ve been here long enough so I’m sure there isn’t a problem with you joining the box.


Well, I want to be able to share stuff with others in the box before asking for an invite. I want to be able to contribute. I live in the sticks & my only internet option (DSL) isn’t the best. It didn’t go too well when I tried to upload something on the net . It was extremely slow. I cringe when trying to download a large music file as my connection isn’t the most reliable & could possibly drop before it completes. I had a horrible time with downloading the digital music files that came with Live After Deaf. I think it was one big file that was like 4gb. My internet service has improved since then but still isn’t the most reliable.

I was going to give it another go a few weeks back. I scored the Jeff Tweedy-Warmer LP on RSD. I ripped it to my PC & I was proud with the results. It sounds sweet. I was going to offer that. But, my uploading experience with zippyshare wasn’t ideal. And eventually someone beat me to it.

Back in the days I just burned CDRs & mailed them to folks. I sent Heather Brown a bunch of shit. She put some of it up on her blog Fuel Friends. I’m not sure if that blog is active anymore.

Anyhow… Thanks for the help/advice.


Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll be happy to invite you. :blush:


Get Dropbox. Make a shortcut to the Dropbox on your desktop and then you can just copy and paste music files in and out of the box. No downloading required.


Ok, whatever. I was just trying to be helpful.
Do want you want.

And that “someone” that beat you to the JT -Warmer that you wanted to share was me.

But like I said, I was just trying to be helpful. I took your post as you not being a part of the box and it seemed like you wanted to join the box so I just let you know how it worked but If you don’t want to join, that’s your call.


Still active and she is big time now!!!
She does the “chapel sessions”


here you go:


@thebalvenie, I would like a single plum, floating in perfume and served in a man’s hat. Thanks!



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It’s like he already had that cued up… but it must be cheap perfume to be swimming in that much.


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Balv!! Thanks!! If you don’t mind me asking… Where the hell did you find it? I’m pretty resourceful with finding stuff on the net. But, the only thing I found for this was on a site that seemed a bit shady to me. Much gratitude.


Soul seek!


Cool!! I just downloaded Dropbox & created a shortcut to my desktop. I’m completely new to this kind of stuff. It’s going to take me a little while to figure out what the fuck I’m doing. But, when I do I’ll try to put up Matthew Sweet- Wicked System Of Things from 2018 Black Friday RSD. It was a limited release & not available beyond the RSD release. Unless you all have it or don’t give a shit about it. I just need to PM LBSUNFLWR now. Let’s see if I don’t fuck that up.


Fuck, soul seek is still a thing? I better look into that. Thanks for the heads up