Anyone have Scud Mountain Boys 1995 Demos CDR?


Works like a chawm

Every so often u run into a Fuck stick who stops your downloads


Invite sent. Let us know if you have questions.

One thing to note: always copy and paste folders out of the Dropbox. If you drag it out to drop in your music files it will delete from the box for everyone else.


Balv, did you put in that RA Skype thing? It won’t let me delete it. I keep trying and it pops back in. Can you try?


Gone and done


That’s been bothering me for weeks. Thanks!


Thanks!! I think I successfully added Matthew Sweet-Wicked System Of Things. Please, someone let me know if it’s there so I know I didn’t screw it up. I have to leave the house now. I also tried to put up Elvis Costello & The Imposters- Purse EP if anyone is interested.


i love soulseek and their old school interface.

anyone remember using filezilla for setting FTP’s or just calling your ISP and setting up on via url?