Apollo's replacement


sounds like Orpheus is ready to go!

Link here has directions on how to get on. make sure you when you try to log in you click on the Recovery tab above the log in. if you had an account on Apollo that is.




…and I’m in! Gotta get my torrents to seed, I’ll look into that tomorrow.


Did you get an email?
I never got one.


Did you check your spam folder? That’s where mine was.


Mine too. Whole process was about 5 minutes.


I still don’t have anything in my regular or spam folder!!!


I used the option to fill in torrent info from one of my apollo torrents. I went to my utorrent, and copied the looooonng alphanumeric string that follows the announce:apollo.rip if you look in the info or properties area of the torrents.

I think you can send more than attempt to get back in? The recovery page said something about spamming and time limts on attempts…

I’d just give you one of mine, but it has to be something you downloaded. Did you d’l all of Europe 72 tour? That’s the one I used and I have the string on numbers for that.


I already tried going in a 2nd time and it just gave me an error. No matter what info I do or don’t put in.

I know my username and password so I entered both the first time I tried last night. Then I got a response on the screen with four sets of lowercase letters and it said something about that key being active for 30 days. Did you get that?




I did. It’s a ‘key’ to use on the irc channel. That is your next option. Head over to the irc channel and ask the admins about your account. I had to do that once in Apollo for letting it ‘lapse’ without logging in for a while.


How do I get to that irc channel? I don’t know what an irc channel is. I tried typing that in as a web address and got an error


Message sent. It looks complex but is easier than it looks. Client to use for irc in second message.


Basically, you get your irc client and go to the irc address.

You ‘announce’ yourself in the way the instructions indicate by typing into the box.

Then you wait until someone responds. Kind of a drag to stand by watching, but must be done.

If they give you a place to use your ‘key’ do so, I didn’t have one for apollo so it didn’t come up.


Yowza. Looks complicated but I will try it. Thank you!


and from there you can chat up just about anyone!!! surprised they don’t use discord :wink:


Carl Weathers is still in fantastic shape. I think this is early speculation.


He ded.


Orpheus Shmorpheus. I’m so pissed about the fact that everyone I know got in with no problem and I am having this issue.

Gonna keep using Redacted until further notice. :confused:


You’ll be my first invite I get.

But I think Red will be a better place anyway. The whole Apollo debacle has diminished their brand anyway. They were just trying to rise from the ashes of what, right?