Are most of you Libertarians?


I hope you don’t mind me asking, but since we’re on the subject of politics, I thought I’d delve into the perspective of the majority. Most people here are musicians, I assume. Musicians tend to vote libertarian because they want their legalized pot. They tend to resent both the Republican and Democrat parties. But at least they are more conservative friendly. Just curious. Most musicians I know are libertarians. I consider myself a Paleo Conservative with Alt Right tendencies.


I think Ely Plains is the only librarian here.


I’m an apolitical beast


So in other words, you’re a liberal?


I’m a Libra.


i think if we make people take tests for driving, they should do the same before buying a gun.


We already have TONS OF GUN LAWS, really ,do you people not research at all???


‘Ton’ is a word that is used to indicate a measure of weight, and in fact in a very specific amount—2000 pounds.

It is not a word used to indicate a measure of quantity.

Your argument is again invalidated through improper use of language.

Before you come back and say we have ‘a bunch’ of laws, go and find out how exactly many we have at the federal level. Until you have a specific number to discuss, your argument is useless.


I like LeBron James


You’re into semantics rather than the truth. We have gun laws. The object of most of the left is to disarm law abiding citizens. They claim that isn’t true, they just want to take them away from the “bad guys”. Yeah, right. This is just more subterfuge from the left. Their bills would make it almost impossible for anyone to purchase a weapon, let alone keep one.


If we’re patient a mass shooting will eventually happen at a Meade Skelton concert


I’m not into semantics. That is generally a defense raised by people with few facts at hand, so they resort to generalizations and improper language use to cover for their lack of information.

What I am ‘into’ is precision in communication. If you cannot be precise with your language, you cannot prove with any validity what you assert. Your language use indicates an intellectual laziness and a habit of trying to use vague assumptions as ‘facts.’

Smarten up.


I have the facts. As I stated earlier, we have gun laws. There are certain weapons that are also illegal to purchase. People who are criminals find ways around it because they don’t obey the law. How much more concise or on point could I possibly be?


Here’s an example:

“The object of most of the left is to disarm law abiding citizens.”

What percentage of the ‘left’ are referencing, and where did you get this number?

If it is ‘the object of most of the left,’ you are then saying that it is the only object of the left, not one of many ‘objects.’

And what are you referring to as the ‘left’? All democrats, or only non-republican voters?

You build arguments with the skill and success of a 9 year-old.


that’s a pretty liberal definition of “mass”


My writing skills are not in question. This is not an English essay. Surely you can understand the context . I’m referring to “gun control” and what liberals are pushing , or trying to push. Eventually, it is to dismantle the 2nd amendment in its entirety. This would take a long time to take place, so they can only do it by slowly stripping away our gun rights. This would mean they have to pass certain bills and “gun control” laws in the house so they can do this little by little. Piece by piece. This is pretty clear. I don’t see how you could misinterpret what I am saying.


What type of gun(s) do you own?


I don’t own any weapons at the moment. I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, however.


See, you’re at it again.

“Eventually, it is to dismantle the 2nd amendment in its entirety.”

I’m going to need a source on this. You’re not going to be able to produce one.

Also, you making a ‘slippery slope’ argument. Logic 101 fail.

You lose. Easiest checkmate ever.

Here’s something to think about, and this will be an easy research project for you.

Obama was our last democrat president. He served for eight years. How many times did his administration attempt to pass legislation that made gun laws more restrictive?

I think when you find the answer, a logical response will be to get angry with the people who have told you that the ‘libs’ are coming for your guns. You might feel used by those you empower to make decisions and think through policy so that you don’t have to.

Did you stock up on ammo and guns when Obama was elected? All you did was put money in the pockets of weapons makers and purchase more ammo than you need–and that ammo has an expiration date. The gun lobby made themselves rich at your expense.

You been used by those you trust, chump.


A slippery slope is slippery for a reason. It is a not logical fallacy . Just look at the abortion issue. During Roe vs.Wade they had little Scientific knowledge about babies in the womb. They thought in the early stages they were just “clumps of cells”. Now with Science, we know that is not true. Partial birth abortion is now legal in New York, and the next step is to consider children under 5 “not fully human”.

This is just a message board not a debate channel. It is easy to find the sources. Put together the pieces of the puzzle. Obama was never our President. He was bought.

Here is just one article, but it shows the mind set of the gun grabbers.