Are most of you Libertarians?


I knew you would Comment


Now that’s something that seems wrong. Like ‘not a fact.’

I realize I am talking with an idiot, or a wet fart that has learned to type.


Meade, I liked you better when you were just a racist crooner. Adding “conspiracy theororist” isn’t working for me.


I am really flabbergasted here.

I know you’re into ‘clean living.’ You main vice is sweet tea.

So how did you get so fucking stupid? You don’t even have drugs, or addiction or alcoholism to blame. It’s like your brain is a jello made of shit and hate wrapped in Christ’s tears, wept for you because you have so perverted his word that all he can do is cry.

I am really disappointed in you.


I’m sorry, some of those posts seem like I am coming down on you a bit harshly.

Just so you know, I am not. It is totally appropriate.


whoa whoa whoa… some of us are stupid and don’t even blame our addictions. yet.


Give it time. You gotta blame something.


I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but you actually bring up something interesting. Do you realize that You Tube is now shadow banning anyone who uses certain words in their videos such as “conspiracy”? They aren’t helping, are they? And why do you keep calling me a racist? There is no proof of that. Furthermore, there is no such thing as racism.


You are so silly! Do you know what shadow banning means? YouTube is no longer recommending conspiracy videos, not shadow banning.
If you want to watch your favorite conspiracy theory channel you can easily search and find them.



Your stereotypes of me and others here are off mark, but I am not going to waste time convincing you. You are a concrete thinker, rigid, habitually expousing the fear montras of fox news, and most likely on the Autism spectrum. I find it unproductive for the board to keep engaging you on your tangential and self affirming troll posts. This is my last post to you.


FINE! i’ll admit it… i was hoping to support this guy after i read his first couple posts. and then he said: “Partial birth abortion is now legal in New York, and the next step is to consider children under 5 “not fully human””.



I know it sounds like a “conspiracy”, but it actually is true that some of the elite want to do this to the general human population. Remember that Planned Parenthood was started to eradicate the “undesirables”, which included Negros, poor whites, and the mentally disabled. That is what Hitler drew his inspiration from. Margaret Sanger spoke at KKK meetings and the idea was to get rid of anyone who she felt was not worthy. Limit couples to have two children. This is just wickedness.


You have to remember I was born in 1979, so I grew up in another time before all this political correctness came about.


Then you were born under the reign of Jimmy Carter - one of our most liberal presidents.


He exited in 1980 when I was still in diapers.


Let me try to understand: Fox News which is not even conservative, but a centrist news source is somehow “fear mongering propaganda”. Yet far left news such as CNN, MSNBC, Huff Post, and VOX is the non biased Gospel truth? Oh Lawd. I think I have my answer. No need to probe any further.


Please go away


Can you recommend some more conservative friendly music message boards?


I can’t, because I don’t have any intimate knowledge of them.

I can however recommend your mother.