Are most of you Libertarians?


You should find a Taylor Swift board. Those types of forums should have more users in general with a conservative segment


I see you found your “shadow banned” conspiracy theory YouTube channel.


It’s not a conspiracy theory. It truly happens. Facebook , Google, and You Tube are notorious for censoring conservative speech. It is the conservatives that are being blocked from speaking on college campuses. Even innocuous ones, such as Ann Coulter. Hardly “far right”.


Well I highly doubt it, since she told all her fans to vote Democrat. Aren’t most people here from the Midwest? That is supposed to be full of normal American people. I am from the East Coast and I’m more conservative than most people here. Go figure.


Well I think a lot of conservative rhetoric can be classified as hate speech which is actually a crime.

I live in LA which is still pretty much a queer-loving liberal hotbed


Hate speech is not a crime in the United States.