Are you a member of another message board?


Not related closely to music or a specific artist?

I’m thinking Grim is part of a group like Headhunters (arrowhead enthusiasts) and we’ve known for a long time that Nick has a shoe fetish.


Heritage Owners Club

A bunch of guitar geeks, like me.


Some arrowhead groups as Monkey defined, a tea purerh group/board, local birding group, and a couple mid century furniture groups.




yeah, me neither.
just music related boards.


i’m on the bruce springsteen and isakov reddit
also on backstreets forums but not too vocal or active…fuckin bunch of know it all dicks…

i’m still on tby

and i’m on a squash board too :wink:


No, who has the time?

Still need to try this stuff. I just drink green tea now.


nope. Joined a few FB groups (music related) and left all of them. The Neil Young Ditch Trilogy sounded promising but every morning I’d log on to FB to find a dozen or so videos from all parts of Neil’s career. I mean how many fucking times can someone watch him singing “Old Man”? Some people apparently never get tired of it.


no, not a member anywhere else .


But I do like to go read the Parks and Rec reddit sometimes and laugh and get a quick Parks and Rec fix.


I’m on quite a few guitar boards. But this is the only ‘music’ one.


I fucking love reddit


Me, too! It’s so fun and there’s so much information on just about everything! It’s entertaining and educational and useful! How can you beat that?

There’s even a RA reddit:


I read and post some on the My Morning Jacket board. That and here and Twitter is all I do.

I recently found a jigsaw puzzle app. It’s taking up a lot of my time. More challenging than some of the games I’ve been playing.


Must look at that. Thanks.


Post deleted.
Don’t want to go off topic again!


and squash
and springsteen
and isakov
and i really love AskReddit


some bickering and over-swooning going on there.

i stay away


Hmmmm, sounds familiar…


I do a reddit search on google besides a google search when I’m looking for something and I usually find what I’m looking for over at reddit.