Are you a member of another message board?


Over-swooning sounds redundant.


A croon swoon?


Been posting a lot on the Steve Hoffman music/audiophile forum. Lurked there for years to read about different audio equipment and vinyl pressings, just now getting into interacting with these codgers and I love it. Right now I’m arguing about who was the last great important rock band, and which Beatle burps at the end of “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)”.


Lol I just saw Dan over there. But I think he’s ignoring me.


I post on Strava like a crack addict. I love that app.


Newly discovered ~
Since we both like movies, this is fun & interesting:


checking it out right now :slight_smile:


and this one:


and this one for Marvel:

Just read about this on r/marvelstudios.
Chris Evans had a prosthetic jaw in the Shawarma scene in the first Avengers movie. I had no idea!

And they have some pretty interesting stuff on this one:


i like the explain it like i’m 5 reddit too :slight_smile: and askreddit…and prorevenge and jokes :slight_smile:


and this one:


I’m not on another message board. Not actively. I probably still have an account on To Be Young or whatever but I’ve found all the DRA boards to be full of fan boys/girls who defend him like the were MAGA Cunts.

Is Reddit really just message boards? I always assumed sub Reddits were just a way to find extremely specific porn.


yeah it’s msg boards.

the trouble is sifting through the troll and shit…

it’s worth it as reddit weeds it out for you as the members go along and up vote or down vote comments…


I like those, too! :sunglasses:


And don’t forget r/CampingGear



I like to go to reddit to read stuff.
They have fun stuff and they also have useful and educational information on there also, depending on which subreddits you choose to read. So I guess it’s all up to the individual and what they want to find on there because I suppose specific porn is there but there’s also a whole lot more like the stuff Rodknee and I mentioned up above.


I’m thinking @Monkey would love the photography Reddit’s :slight_smile:


Oh! Definitely!
Lots of beautiful pictures on there.
Sometimes there’s too much photoshopping going on, though! :rofl:


That’s my gripe w/ most photography I see online. I am anti uber editing.


I’m with you on that!
I just fix the basics ~ white balance, temperature, brightness, contrast, clarity. That’s it for me mostly. I don’t have the patience to sit there and make my photos into something they’re not. I do love playing with black and white though, so I change a lot of my pictures to monochrome if they work.

But your Olympus recommendation turned out to be perfect. I’m so happy with the pictures that the camera takes that I really don’t need much post-editing at all!! :smile: