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i’m on the flyfishing, camping, backpacking, flygear, geartrade, and ultralightbackpacking threads :slight_smile:


From the prorevenge board on reddit …god i love that shit.

> Sometimes I wish I had “f-- you money”
> My aunt used to be an assistant for a multi-millionaire, down to earth CEO of a small company. According to my aunt, he is one of the nicest guys she has ever met and is probably the best boss she has ever had.
**> **
> There was this one time my aunt hitched a ride with the CEO to a business event, at a mall, where they struggled to find parking. They eventually found a spot that’s about to be vacant and so as any normal courteous person would do, they waited a few feet away from the Civic that was backing up and had their turn signal on indicating that they found the spot first.
**> **
> The Civic was almost out of their spot when they see a BMW M3 pull up by the spot and waited on the opposite side of where my aunt was.
**> **
> The Civic finally leaves the spot and lo and behold, the M3 swerves in and takes the damn spot. Two teeny looking douchebags exit the vehicle and snickered at the CEO driving. The CEO politely told the kids something along the lines of “Hey, I found the spot first. I would appreciate it if you could look for your own spot”. The kids laughed and told the CEO “Sorry man, too slow”, then walked away from the parking spot towards the mall entrance.
**> **
> The CEO paused and calmly told my aunt to exit the vehicle. Now, I think it’s important to mention that the CEO was driving a big vehicle – something like an old Range Rover according to my aunt. My aunt got off the vehicle. The CEO suddenly backed up a bit and RAMMED the parked M3 onto the wall it was facing, smashing both the front and the rear of the German sedan. The sound of the collision caught the attention of the two kids and they quickly ran back to the scene.
**> **
> My aunt and the kids were stunned. The CEO asks my aunt to hop back in. The kids, still stunned, while the CEO says “Sorry, too rich”, throws his business card at the kids, and drives away like a fucking boss.
**> **
> A few weeks after the incident, my aunt asks the CEO if ever he had to pay for damages. The CEO said “Yeah I did pay for damages. But the faces of those kids after I totaled their car was priceless”.


Hadn’t been on the Hoffman board in a year or more, but just got back on out of boredom and remembered this thread over here. The mods and censorship over there is insane. I was posting about a rare Nirvana single called Moist Vagina, and the board censored the entire word vagina with asterisks when I posted it lmao. Then in the same thread a Mod came in and deleted some guy’s comment and added a note explaining that he repeatedly said something was a fact but it was just his opinion.


Sounds like a really fun place.


I used to be on Stone Pony London, a Springsteen board. It was a pretty irreverent place–kinda like the .org. Many years ago, there was a great purge, and I was banned together with some other people, because the owner/mods wanted to change the tone of the place. Never quite figured out why. Something similar happened at Expecting Rain, a Dylan board, where the mods started to clamp down pretty harshly. I’ve been on a private board with some of those who were banned or left with us ever since.


This is the only one; I was on the RAA many moons ago before it was suddenly shuttered without so much as a warning.


I used to be on Chalkhills, an XTC board back decades ago. That was the first bulletin board thing I was involved in - I think it was a “discussion group” on AOL(?). When I first dipped my toes into this internet thing back in the early to mid 90’s.


i was on greasylake …a springsteen board…

i just was bored with all the newbies searching for shows and then rehashing the same tired arguments about greatest songs and albums and live shows.


i’m on reddit now…and i really like it. i come for the content but stay for the comments…people are fucking clever and hilarious…anything that is mean or shitty is usually downvoted and you can’t see.


Right. At SPL, newbies would get rough treatment until they were house trained. It was a fun place for a while. That sort of thing probably doesn’t exist any more, what with behavior modification built into the board software.


They’re mostly old uptight audiophiles who like to be pedantic about everything. But its a good source of info for audio equipment and album releases. Its a pretty huge board and it has Steve Hoffman’s name on it so I guess he doesn’t wanna be associated with nonsense.


i was on for a while…nice peeps over there. easy going.

it is a board for the band Yarn.

i was on tby since the beginning but never really accepted cause i don’t chug ryan adams’ cock.


RACockChugger, haven’t seen that poster in forever!


I am also on the My Morning Jacket board, which is just on their website. I don’t go too often these days as the band hasn’t been touring or anything lately. But I have made a few casual internet friends and talk about other music and movies etc. Nice group of people there. No bullshit.


I’ll always miss the RAA. There are plenty of good people that never came over here. More importantly: the torrents…I’ll always wish we had all the torrents still active.


I also miss the .org. What a weird place that was. I had to take a break for a while, but then one day I checked back and it was gone.


I’m on about 10 other boards, mostly music and sports, and not all of them are checked every day.


same. those 2005-2008 years were a lot of fun.
amyg, lac, naivemelody, lb, deanokat, uv, kees, winow, bronxapostle, danielle?

i know i’m forgetting so many more!!!