Are you a member of another message board?


haha me! same SN as now. I’m friends with deano on FB, really nice guy.

balv, you mentioned getting tired of the same-old, same-old on one of your other boards (new people looking for shows, or the classic, what’s your favorite song?! posts). I felt the same way towards the end of the RAA, and it’s especially true for the FB incarnation of the “RAA”. I’m still in the group, if only to see if anything new pops up, but it’s the same thing, regurgitated discussions over and over again. Plus, I think FB is a terrible interface for a message board, but that’s a design discussion.


i joined that fb group…it’s a fucking cesspool…
still love kees and sinner…but there was so much garbage to sift through.

i’m on a GAI facebook group…really nice set of people…

and yeah, agreed…fb is an awful msg board iteration.


The .org and those iterations were about it for me. Pretty entertaining back in the mid-aughts.


Yeah. I was part of Dot Organ for quite some time. Some people blame me for its demise. In truth, it was Balv’s fault entirely.


in truth, it was our playful gay banter and your ever continuing horse cock pics that brought it down.





right after when ryan got caught flashing his dick to a minor…all hell broke loose on all the boards and lots of name calling…

anyway, i was invited to this ryan facebook group called DRAma (so clever)

but it was basically the white knights versus the ryan apologists bashing each other.

i left that one too.


yeah… that sounds about right for that page. Even before RA went off the rails (well, when we found out about him doing gross crap), it was a hostile environment; I remember getting ripped to shreds for saying someone’s “live art show” was garbage when I in fact didn’t say anything I was accused of. PS: the art show was someone literally acting like RA. Not playing music, just copying his likeness. Which sounds like a serious case of identity theft, in the most literal form.

Anyway, after that, that’s when I really broke away from participating.

I never understood joining a fan group and then spending so much time bashing said artist – or just blindly worshipping an artist, for that matter – like, God level stuff. I suppose we’ve been over this discussion many times before in other threads.


I’m really sorry I missed that. I should have returned sooner from my sabbatical, I guess.


You realize Balv is deflecting, right?


I suppose. I do like to think that the .org went down on horse cock.