… because we’ve somehow never had an art thread.

A long time ago I mentioned a large painting I had done back in school. It was all painted in airbrush and I copied the Grateful Dead Live in Europe album covers. I decided to combine both the front and back covers together to create an image that could be seen from either 45º angle or both at once looking straight on. it was quite an ambitious project at the time - I think I was 19 - and not really too successful… but I had fun and learned a lot about how to use an airbrush and friskets.

Obviously this thing never made my portfolio or was never shown in public. I threw it away not too long after completion, but I remember it fondly and it was nice to find photos of it.


That is cool, Dougo!


Yes. Very cool. I mean, I don’t care for TGD at all but your talent is amazing. You should do more. :slight_smile:



It was pretty large and quite a bit more engineering than I had planned on :open_mouth:


This piece was done 40 years ago… before computers. There really is no point in making yourself crazy cutting all those friskets anymore.


I disagree but okay.


Too bad you threw it away. Somebody would have probably loved to have it.


At that time Deadheads were few and far between.


I bought this for my in-laws.


My friend is into needle felting and he made a doll of his dad “Big Al” who turned 84 yesterday. He is obsessed with Eric’s Corgi.

The likeness is actually pretty good, and it is funny that he is wearing the same sweater that he used for reference.