This looks like a really interesting exhibit:


I saw that article but unfortunately have no plans to be in NYC anytime soon.


Can we all agree that, although some of them are pretty, these paint pour things are not art?


Same here. I’m keeping an eye out if it travels anywhere after San Antonio in the fall.


I cannot and will never agree on whether something is or is not art…

Esthetics are always in the eye of the beholder.


This looks like a great show.

I’ve never been to NYC… but when I get there I will spend a lot of time at the Whitney, Guggenheim, MoMA among other museums.

However, I have been to the Detroit Institute of Art and they have a glorious Diego Rivera mural that has been an inspiration to me since I was a teenager.


I agree. We get a lot of “accidental” artists who stumble on something that makes them feel good to create. I think that’s the point.


Out at the studio I work at we do mono prints and other random ink “clean up prints” that we repurpose into backgrounds for prints or a starting point for drawings, paintings and collages. The accidental quality of art is one of the things I enjoy most about the process of making art.

When stuff gets planned out too much it sometimes loses its appeal to me… reminds me of work.


The movie Cradle Will Rock by Tim Robbins portraits the famous destruction of Rivera’s mural in the Rockefeller Center, because it offended Rockefeller’s political sensibilities. It’s a good movie.


That sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Frida Kahlo is awesome as well.


Please go to New York City. You aren’t all that far.
Two days: museums and pizza and Central Park. A concert at Radio City would be the cherry on top.


I’d love to visit sometime.

Both my daughters have been there to see musicals… I’ve always just been the designated stooge that foots the bill.


Check out this handbill I did back in the 70’s. I did the illustrations on textured paper to simulate a screen and hand-lettered the thing mostly because I was too cheap to get the type set.


Damn that’s great Dougo!


that’s gorgeous dougo!!!


Your reverse type us a thing of beauty!


My hand-lettering skills used to be important, but I haven’t had to do any hand lettering in decades. Its kind of a lost art now, but back in the day you had to be really good with markers, pencils and ruling pens to do “mock-ups” and such.


I hear you. I used to have to cut out letters and shapes out of rubylith. Sometimes I still do. Can’t beat hand masking for some things.


I’ll bet you are pretty handy with a blade.

My “mat room skills” were a sense of pride, back in the day…


growing up in NY, and then going to college in the city, it’s certainly a great time; I highly recommend the MoMA and the Guggenheim. LB’s comments are also spot on, especially the Museum of Natural History.

Central Park and the John Lennon Memorial are excellent spots too. Reminds me of days when my friends and I would take an afternoon in the city and just hang out around those parts, and browse record stores.

Speaking of music, the Village Vanguard is a great spot for jazz; I got to see Brad Mehldau there back when I was in college; a great intimate venue.