as someone who does pouring as a good portion of the painting I do, it’s not as trivial as it looks; getting the cellular structure takes some delicate touches of mixing the paint, thinning medium, and some oil(s) to just the right ratios. And of course there’s an element of randomness to it since each one is unique, but that’s what makes it fun and interesting to try to control, though it is futile. Is it as amazing as frescos or baroque pieces? Perhaps not, but as @DougoBlue points out, it’s in the eye of the beholder.


I downloaded the MoMA app on my phone and love to go through the audio tours. its not like being there, but I love it and how it makes me want to be there all the more. It also sounds like they have gone through a major re-construction phase to the facilities.


Okay. Well, to my eye, it’s not art. :slight_smile:



This reminds me - The Chicago Institute of Art has put digital images of many of their works up online. I think this is new, but I’ll have to look into it.

“During the closure, we are developing and sharing content on our website and social media channels to continue to fulfill the museum’s mission to inspire and educate the public.”


I actually started to draw again.
Monk drawing on a woodblock.


Love it!!


A drawing I drew of my lady friend. It’s not quite finished yet. I really haven’t drawn anything in over a year.


That’s pretty not too bad. Could I commision something? I need your art.




Reminds me of Sammy Brue.


Really love that drawing, Nick!


Thanks… I have good subject matter.


Really great, Nick. Love it.


Cleaned up a bunch of lines. Tried to make it simpler.


How do you do that?

What is your medium???


To me it looks like it is a vector illustration… Adobe Illustrator, using a photograph as a template?

It’s really nice work - coming from somebody that uses Illustrator a lot.


I use an app on my iPad Pro called Procreate and an Apple Pencil. I sketch something pretty rough and use layers to add the detail. This one was 40+ layers at one point. I wish I was better with Adobe Illustrator. My lines would be a lot more consistent.

Thanks, guys!


This is pretty awesome @nick!

Your initial post is piquing my Lebowski references:


PS: I keep thinking about upgrading my (aggressively old) iPad, but I can’t find a reason to do so. As a scientist I can’t find much work I would do on it; if there was a great AutoCAD/AutoDesk Inventor kind of app on there, especially with Apple Pencil support, I would go for it.