I really like these posters for Billy Strings’ Streaming Strings concert series. Halfhazard Press from Bloomington, Illinois is producing a series of very limited edition prints for each show that you have to purchase the concert stream to be eligible to purchase. I think it is a great idea, marketing-wise to do these types of promotions in order for musicians as well as concert poster designer/printers to continue to try to make a living.

By the way - Billy Strings has the best merch out there of anybody.


Has anyone ever done home silkscreen? We just got a small kit. We’ve been tie dying like hippies since this covid thing hit.


I’ve dabbled, but not done a hell of a lot of it.

You really need a vacuum frame to suck the film positive down onto the screen/emulsion for tight registration prints. A friend of mine made a slick vacuum frame out of stainless steel with hundreds of little holes drilled into it on a grid and screwed down on a thin box. He then hooked up an old vacuum cleaner hose and viola!

The thing I hated about it was oil-based inks and chemicals, but that may have changed since I did it.


On this little kit the screen is recessed so I’m gonna lay some plexiglass to hold it down. Hopefully I’ll get the details I’m hoping for. I saw another trick of putting something under the screen for pressure. I will make a big mess.


Yeah, that works too. Do you have a lamp or some way to expose it?


Yes, it came with a light too. Pretty cool kit.


There you go!

I still have the negative we used for some softball jerseys we silkscreened for my friends meat market that paid half of our league fee About 40 years ago. Just ran across that artifact cleaning out my basement the other day.


I pulled some proofs of my Monk block.


I really like that.


Awesome @DougoBlue!


I was able to get the hang of silkscreen and we’ve been tie dying obsessively since Covid hit. We needed a way to pay for our newest habit so we started making band shirts. They’re selling like crazy. We’ve got some people wearing tie dye that I’m sure had no intentions of doing such a thing.


Nice! Love them.


Those are fantastic!


My friend made these mono prints with leaves out in the studio.


Portrait of Lou Reed by Chuck Close.


Found this watercolor painting I did of my favorite album when I was in 9th grade. I think it was one of the first watercolors I did.

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is.


I love this. I remember in first grade we had an assignment to design a record cover. Our teacher put them into CD jewel cases and displayed them on Tuesday, telling us all new albums come out on Tuesdays. I’ll never forget that, but thank you for reminding me of it. :))) My cover was for a Queen album, ahahah.


I found these fine art prints in my archive. I didn’t even remember where I got them, but they are pretty nice I think.

The last one looks like a smooth fox terrier. We used to have a wire-hair fox terrier.


My best friends used to have an Irish Setter. He was one of my favorite dogs ever.


Back many years ago I was at a friend’s house and he had an old field and stream calendar hung on the wall. There was a picture of an Irish setter on it and for some reason I pulled out a pencil and drew a mustache on the dog, for no reason whatsoever. When he saw what I had done he was furious… it was his favorite picture of his favorite dog. The calendar was from the mid-sixties.

I felt like a total idiot and wanted to climb in a hole.