When I started at the company I’m at now I saw a mouse pad with a picture of yellow lab on it. Super cheesy so I cut out a black curly mustache and taped it to the pic of the dog. It was the owners beloved passed pet. We never spoke of it.


Oh I like this one… One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way, and this guy’s sayin’, "Whadda ya want from me?’


What is it about Irish Setters that demands them to be moustached?


Here’s a watercolor I did at the beginning of 2020 when I still had time to paint.



I really like still life - for some reason they seem to have fallen out of favor.


I only paint still lives because I am lazy. But also because I like to look at them.


How is that lazy?


You can leave them set up in your house for days while you avoid working on the painting you convinced yourself you wanted to create. Try getting a living model to do that, ahahah.


Here are two more I did around the same time. One is good, the other is not, but my daughter wanted me to frame the bad one so she could hang it in her room.


Just realized one of our artists is the guy who did Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions.


We have one of these at the MIA in the Twin Cities. It’s one of the white lobster phones.


you’re a minnesotuh girl, eh?


I’ve said that before, Balv, remember? When I was badmouthing Prince? That’s a treasonous act here in MN.


I did this working sketch for a woodcut portrait of Neal Cassady.


That’s amazing. I love it.


I first saw this thinking Balv posted and was like, wow, Who knew??

Then I realized it was Dougo who posted…and we already knew. :ok_hand:t2:

Really like it.


It looks like a still from a stylized animated version of On the Road.

I’d watch it.


being confused for dougo is a compliment of the highest regard :slight_smile:


@DougoBlue This is insane!!! :heart_eyes:



I’ve been back at it in carving mode lately, working on four blocks.