Found this charcoal sketch in my archives. Pretty sure I was listening to Magic and Loss & Songs for Drella by Lou Reed at the time.

I have no recollection of drawing this.


Client just dropped off a bunch of Hatch Show prints to scan. I love my job some days.


Nice! I love those old Hatch posters.


They do wedding invites and such too, in case you need to announce something.


So Jerry Garcia’s family is selling his digital art in the NFT market. To me it is really interesting that he was doing computer illustration on the early Mac platform at the same time that I was. Experimenting with Fractal Painter and PhotoShop 2.0 among a few other software packages.

Selling NFTs interests me, as I think a lot of the art purchasing world is headed that way. Here’s an article that explains it and how it relates to crypto currency.


We’re starting to cater to the NFT art crowd. It’s weird.


It is bizarre. I’m trying to learn about it and might make some videos while burning some prints and blocks over a campfire. Then I could (supposedly) sell the videos as an NFT.


My first linoleum block print from about 45 years ago. There weren’t a lot of other fans of the Grateful Dead back then. My classmates in my first year of college thought I was weird.

They were correct.


Love this.