A friend of mine Illustrated the label for Bell’s Two Hearted. Here’s a link to his website with a very interesting bit of writing as well.

Ladislav Hanka - Beer Labels.


I have been playing this Artle game on the National Gallery of Art website. I got it right in 37 seconds today, but It was kind of a lucky guess.

Any other fans of Art History here?


That is fun! Got it in one guess/22 sec, slower mostly because I didn’t understand how to play. But it was very luckily someone I knew. I’ve got crater size gaps in my art recognition abilities, so this is likely first try luck.


Likewise with my Art History knowledge, and I was lucky to get this one too. My brain only retains so much useless information and most of that is taken up with music.


I’ve been on a roll with Artle lately, I would have gotten today’s in about 20 seconds if I had known how to spell his name correctly.


Forgot about it, need to get back to it.

Yeah, blew all 4 chances today.


Me too… My knowledge of Florentine art isn’t what it might be.


The logo of the 1930s New York Artists Union.



It’s been a struggle, but i’m trying to keep up with my Artle.


i’m doing the wordle and heardle

my wordle streak has been great!


Art History was probably the hardest class I ever had to take in college.

Our teacher used to cover all the different periods or movements, then test us by slide identification. She would show 5 different pieces of art and we’d have to name the artist, media, period or movement, then we’d have to list a bunch of characteristics and contemporaries. It was really tough to pass those tests.

…but then decades later, when you thought you had forgotten everything you’d learned it all comes flying back to you.


I had a Humanities teacher in high school that was a great teacher. He was a gay man who had traveled extensively in Europe (with the music teacher at our school) and he wrote down a whole volume. He would dictate to our class to write down notes - which I did. All the cathedrals and greek and roman ruins were covered, along with music and art from the different countries and periods.

I found humanities to be a fascinating subject, but never really studied it formally much more than my art history classes in college. Where I went to school was an art school with only that and figure drawing being difficult by having to memorize or learn stuff - in figure drawing we had to study anatomy which was tough.


damn. that’s a good teacher.


my humanities teacher in high school was a city wide favorite. she was the must have teacher. she also taught the catcher in the rye :slight_smile: for her American lit class


Thanks, @DougoBlue!
Googled Artle & just started playing!


I’ve been doing better lately at Artle…