Ask a Faithless Street Member


balv, is honey just bee vomit?


actually no.

it’s not.


check it yo





Ah, so it’s regurgitation. Much more palatable.

Next question:
Monkey, why are you so angry?






Solid answer. I don’t believe you.

I need to wait until LB is back to ask her about fruit.


I’m here. Ask away. Today I learned about grapes, all berries, asparagus, organics as a whole and then Tropicals: pineapple, avocado, mango and limes!!
Omg limes! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


Aw man, I gotta go but I want to hear about your fruit experiences. I"ll hit you up tomorrow!


Lacey, how come we never hear about your weekends anymore?


I just posted about my float trip last weekend. The other ones were boring, or doing kid stuff or putting up a fence.


Thankfully, I’ve finally learned to block people. :smiley:


Today I learned about melons, cherries, apples, pears and citrus. :green_apple::apple::pear::grapes::cherries::melon::lemon::tangerine:
Whew. I’m exhausted.
Philly airport is massive. Ready to get home.


Are you learning about your companies fruit or just fruit in general?


Grim: What’s a solid green tea?

Inky: Are you really a red head?


For shizzle. My grandma on my Dad’s side is/was Irish and a descendent of Patrick Henry. Flaming red hair. Only me and two cousins got the hair. It’s dulled now because I’m old. My Mom’s side has all the Mexican/Yaki.

@Ely_Plains - do libraries ever go after people with late return balances? I think I’m in deep for around 4 bucks.

ps - I just realized if we tag, the person being asked the question will know.


Sometimes the library will have a camned food drive, and forgive your fines if you bring some in.


My company buys fruit and vegetables from Growers/Shippers and sells them and ships them to our customers. Over the years we’ve bought the rights to pack produce under some well known names like Welch’s for grapes and Motts apples. Tropicana oranges and Glory Greens. But just the fresh produce, no affiliation with the jelly or orange juice, etc… So if you buy fresh grapes in a Welch’s bag we own that. Sometimes we own the fields even but for the most part we have someone growing and packing the product exclusively for us. Make sense?


I’ve spent the last five years just selling California vegetables like lettuce, broccoli, celery, etc. so that’s why I went now to learn about this stuff.


When I was younger I took out a book from the library: Bob Marley Catch a Fire and never returned it. They sent me late fee notices and I said I lost it. They said if I lost it I could just pay a fee, like $10 or something so I did that so I could just keep the book. Is that bad?