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i’ve not been diagnosed with GAD but i’ve always felt this way like you’re describing.

i have to mentally prepare myself for going out…even though i can be very outgoing and social and i love to joke…i have to self talk and get myself there. i cannot just stop what i’m doing and go to costco or the store…for me it’s a planned event and even then i’m thinking about everything i need to get in and get out. i’m a great deal better than i ever was…dare i say i’ve mastered it so it’s hardly noticeable…i think i drive my wife a little nuts sometimes…but she gets me…so i’m lucky. my daughter is the same way and we are helping her learn to cope and work with it. she has a counselor she visits on the regular and so she is hopefully developing healthy outlets and coping mechanisms. it’s stressful having two kids you love more than anything and just want them to be okay…in the end…it’s all out of our hands.

i like to practice breathing, and i’ve done a whole DBT workbook on my anxiety and depression


That’s great! I’ve been seeing the same therapist since 2007, he’s basically the father I never had, just like, laughs at my jokes and tells me I can do anything and all that. I was raised by a single mother as the oldest of three, my father was never in the picture but passed from drug/alcohol interactions when I was 12. I had a rough childhood, my mom was young and had generational trauma and we had a lot of boyfriends in and out of the house the whole time I was growing up. I’ve been anxious and had troubling making friends from the jump. It sounds like champagne problems, but moving to a different state right before I started high school and being conventionally good looking (so a mystery why the fuck I’m so awkward and weird) things never got better.

My biggest fear is also that I will accidentally raise my kids to be as insecure as I am, that they’ll kill themselves trying to get things right and hate themselves. My daughter has recently started saying things like “I don’t deserve anything,” when she makes mistakes and that’s a knife in my heart, but that she can say it aloud makes her already ahead of me.

My husband is the best one. He’s very involved with the kids, and we basically have a conversation from the time we wake up until we go to bed. He works from home, so he’s always around. He’s very funny and servant hearted.





oh yes! I ordered it as soon as it was announced (and the Apple TV documentary is really good!) I love that album, one of my favorites this year, easily.


I lived in New Jersey for 7 years and even then never saw Bruce live.

He was one of my dad’s favorites and one of the few on my list I still have never seen. I don’t listen to him often at all but still feel the need to see him at least once.

This morning I took down last year’s calendar and got this year’s calendar so I could fill in all the birthdays and occasions I want to be sure not to forget. There are a few major milestones all happening in 2021 and I sincerely hope I get to celebrate them some place other than my living room!

In February, it will be 10 years since I first met my boyfriend, Steve. In June, Steve will celebrate 15 years sober. In October, my brother will turn 50, my mother will turn 75, and it will be 10 years since I moved to Louisville. I would very much like to take a trip somewhere with Steve to celebrate 10 years together, and in October I truly hope I get to go to Baltimore and see my family again, or plan a trip with all of us to be together celebrating these big birthdays.

Also, March 9th will be a year since my last concert. How fucked up is that?


I did go several times to sit on the beach and the boardwalk at Asbury Park. :parasol_on_ground:



How on earth did you find your way to Faithless street? what is it about this place that you like more than say the ryan facebook groups or reddit?

and we are glad you made it here.


I was looking for direct quotes from Ryan about things I had remembered reading but couldn’t transcribe exactly. I think what actually landed me here specifically was looking into Leah Hayes again. So Google!

This place isn’t anything like the Facebook groups or Reddit. I used to be part of a TinyChat community a long time ago. It was like 35 people who would randomly come hang out with each other on webcam and in chat. This is more like that than a subreddit or a Facebook group. I think Facebook groups are usually too big to be very personal, and subreddits are totally guilty of being taken over by a hive mentality. I find Reddit to usually be depressing, it is hard being reminded that the majority of people don’t have compassion or charity in their hearts. Facebook is too cliquey.

I love it here, it’s small enough that threads never get lost, no one is pedantic about rules, there’s space for differing opinions, and it’s been around long enough that there’s a history and community between the members, a culture, I can see that you all have “known” each other for a very, very long time and so there’s a depth in the interactions you have with each other. It is lonely being a stay at home mom, especially when it’s about zero degrees outside with crusted ice/snow everywhere in the middle of a pandemic. I love being able to come here and share pictures and nonsense and brighten the days of my favorite members. I have felt really welcomed.


Ryan Adams is an insufferable cunt. Glad you feel at home here. <3


One of my favorite “Ryan Adams has no self-awareness” moments was in a Studio Q interview. It went something like this:

Rapist Host: People are saying the Self Titled album is the best Tom Petty album that Tom Petty never wrote, how do you feel about that?

Ryan (offended): Tom Petty’s voice sounds weird to me. My voice isn’t weird.


To be fair, when I first heard Tom Petty I thought he sounded like a bad Roger McGuinn/Dylan impersonator… I was wrong. Ironically I thought the same thing when I first heard Dire Straits and Sultans of Swing. Dylan’s shadow cast is lengthy.

Are they “mannered” vocalizations?


Well not with Petty, his talking voice sounded just alike… I think it’s funny because obviously no one was saying that because of the vocals. Ryan was just too vain to cop to being too lazy to write original guitar sounds.


In my opinion, Ryan’s best stuff was derivative. I really like Gold.

I’m not saying vocals that are sung in another “voice” are bad… Tom Waits is a genius at climbing into character within a song - which Dylan was a master at.


As Phoebe Bridgers demanded to know, “Hey, why do you sing with an English accent? I guess it’s too late to change it now.”

I would argue that Ryan had one if not two complete rip-off songs… Cobwebs is the same exact thing as Marching Bands of Manhattan by Death Cab for Cutie (and years apart), and I swear to God that Birmingham off the new record is just a re-do of old touring mates the Counting Crows’ B-Side Four White Stallions. I like Todd Snider’s characterisms. They all sound the same.


Never heard those Ryan songs, but I got off the Ryan train when I heard that Truckin’ copy off 29.


Oh exactly.


ryan said that wasn’t a truckin rip off it was a “riding along in my automobile” chuck berry rip off




One of my fave Ryan douche stories is from that other NC folkie musician (someone will remember). Says he is sitting backstage with Ryan at one of those shows where everyone gets up and plays a song or two. Ryan goes into the broom closet, bangs around a bit, then emerges and claims to have just written ‘Oh my sweet Carolina’ (or some such) while he was in there. Guy says he heard Ryan play the song live a few weeks earlier…


that was van alston and he was his touring manager at the time…and it was come pick me up