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and van was a constant at the old .org days…he was “boxorice”



One of my fave Ryan douche stories is from his road manager Van Alston, who says he is sitting backstage with Ryan. Ryan goes into the broom closet with his guitar, bangs around a bit, then emerges and claims to have just written ‘Come pick me up’ while he was in there. Van says he heard Ryan play the song live a few weeks earlier…



Do any of you parents have advice on how to get my 6 year old to walk through the house like a human being and not like there are cracker jack prizes hidden in the floorboards?

Only one of my sisters displayed this particular behavior in my childhood and the way my mom handled it has probably emotionally scarred her in more than one way if I had to guess… so you know, suggestions like sarcastic nicknames, weight shaming etc. are not what I’m looking for. But at the same time, she’s driving me fucking crazy and I need help. Please help.


do you mean to say she is listless and just sluffs around? doesn’t like to pick up her feet when she walks? or she can’t make it from one room to the next without being distracted by things?


Neither, I mean she stomps, all the time no matter what. Like she has no concept of not slamming her feet while walking. She cannot walk quietly.


oh. i would say there’s no need to intervene. lol

for years my youngest (and she still does this) would sprint everywhere she went in the house. i don’t know why.

i would say let it be and not worry about it…celebrate it.


I need a Xanax.


Invent a game called ‘ninja’ where quiet approaches and ‘sneak-walking’ are rewarded? Then you can say ‘can you be more of a ninja’ at other times.

I’m not a parent and actually encourage my cat to galumph loudly as I enjoy his spirted energy on display.


you’ll be okay :slight_smile:


Our house has some sloped ceilings and when I installed wood floors the sound changed quite a bit and it became more echo-ey for sure. All that extra noise drove me a little bit nuts at first - then my kids moved out and it got much quieter. :grin:

The moral is: Be careful for what you wish for.


My son did this! I eventually fixed it. Installing the wheelchair ramps was a pain the ass, though.


DARK. shudders laughs


Me: Where do babies come from?

Balv: Their genitals.