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This is the book he wrote that was different from the rest of them. It’s actually not morbid. I love a good unreliable narrator story.


i love the move life itself. easily one of the best i’ve seen in 5 years. it’s running theme song of “to make you feel my love” is one of, if not my all time, favorite song.


i don’t have any old essays lying around why i can’t stand brett easton ellis…for me it’s self explanatory :wink:

surprises that mccarthy doesn’t do it for you…


It is self explanatory. I used to be married to and I was raised by Gen X-ers. I have that ironic-liking-of-things-that-aren’t-good thing typical of the time.


same :slight_smile:


Any Faithless Street Member:

What is your favorite early 90’s trashy corporate country music song? Radio singles only, you hipsters.

Mine is probably either Straight Tequlia Night or I Wish I Didn’t Know Now (What I Didn’t Know Then)… which also has a killer Twin-Peaks moment music video starring Toby Keith’s mullet.


Because of my little brother I’m a huge Garth Brooks fan…

So any Garth song fits here

But I’ll go outside the obvious…

I love chasin that neon rainbow by alan Jackson
And any George strait song :slight_smile:


I was once at a party where this drunken exchange happened:

“Yeah, he’s nominated for a Grammy this year.”

Jake: “They should just give it to George Strait.”

“Oh yeah, Jake, how many Grammys should they give to George Strait?”

Jake: “All of them.”


“Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter
“What She’s Doin Now” by Garth Brooks


God I love that strawberry wine song

I always play it on the jukebox when I’m out and I just sit there with my beer and watch all the girls squeal with delight.


Emmylou is about the only musician that I listen to that is close to mainstream country- or at least she was for a time.

Wrecking Ball came out around that time, but it was too good to be very popular.


Yeah, I don’t listen to pop country at all anymore. I wasn’t even a fan at the time those songs came out. “What She’s Doing Now” is a nicely written tune and the premise still kills me. I cannot imagine feeling the way he feels in that song.


@nick Nick, have you ever liked a girl more than she liked you?


Who hasn’t?


Shhh. I suspect this guy I’m asking right here…


1990s trashy corporate country music is my weak spot. Singles only, so I’ll have to go with:
Kim Richey-Just My Luck
Matraca Berg (who wrote Strawberry Wine)-Back in the Saddle
Trisha Yearwood-Believe Me Baby (I Lied) (written by Kim Richey)
Faith Hill-It Matters to Me

I feel like I will be shunned after this.


And of course, who could forget Wide Open Spaces?


oh MAN this song! I’m drawing a blank on trashy 90s country, so I’ll go for just 90s stuff:

Stay (Lisa Loeb): I love this one. And the movie Reality Bites; amazing

Torn (Natalie Imbruglia): I think I can still taste the seaweed wind breezes out the window, driving down by the water on free 3rd period in HS on this one with some girl I had it bad for.

You Were Meant For Me (Jewel): This just makes me think of Jim and Pam (The Office) now.


Hmmm…Not counting my wife and possibly my current girlfriend, probably not. I’m not saying I haven’t been upset when a relationship ended, but I’ve never really had that hurt. I’ve fucked up a lot and definitely ended things with girls that I thought a lot of or even could have seen myself with. But I’ve never had unrequited love.


I don’t have a favorite county song from that era but I’ll always listen to the ladies sing. That’s one genre despite the cheese they can all really sing. I think it was last year the CMA’s did a tribute to women in country and I loved it. To actually listen to I prefer Hank, Ray Price, Merle, George Jones…