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It’s okay, Nick. I once had a boyfriend make a blog for the sole purpose of complaining about me after we broke up. He actually referred to being in a relationship with me as being a “harrowing experience,” like I was Liam Neeson instead of



My ex wife did that after I left her. I did not appreciate that.


You know we are going to need that link, right?


@mutineer and @saf, did you feel their blogs were unfairly written? Could we get a sample of what was written?


I don’t know about “unfair.” I had taken off with a younger colleague from work. She was hurt and venting. I’m pretty sure that in retrospect some of the things she said she would now recognize as venting. She said some things about my fathering skills that I didn’t appreciate. She ended up making it accessible only to people with a password, and so I’m afraid I can’t share it with you. She writes very well, but as Bob Dylan said about Blood on the Tracks, “A lot of people tell me they enjoy that album. It’s hard for me to relate to that. I mean … people enjoying that type of pain, you know?”

In the end, we’re both happier now, and, as a result, we have a good relationship now.


“I’m a changed person after this harrowing experience. I’ve become a complete cynic and I sport an absence of trust. I maintain an open mind, but I’m wary like a deer crossing a meadow.”

I sent you a link to the real thing. Seems not nice to out the poor kid on the internet 11 years later, since there are pictures of his face on this moronic blog.


If you’re sharing links…


i think we’d all be down to see this. but NOT post here :slight_smile:


You really don’t need to read that blog, guys. It’s one of those blogs that pretends it’s not written for just one person (@saf) to read. It’s a pithy Say Anything where blogspot is the boombox.


@thebalvenie Do you actually like the way macarons taste more than the way they look? If so, what is it like not being like any other person in all of existence.



you’re so wrong.

first of all…in terms of meringues…i really like em all. i like the soft and chewy ones. i like the ones that are light and airy and crunchy and melt in your mouth.

but macarons i love citrus flavors and pistachio flavor. the rest i can leave…ESPECIALLY “rose” flavored ones…those taste like a bar of soap after monkey’s scrubbed his hairy nuts with it. nasty!



someone…let’s say monkey…puts a gun to your head and says you get to bake ONE dessert before you die.

what are you baking?


Every year for my husband’s birthday, we bake something together. These Dark Chocolate Bourbon cupcakes took literally 6 hours to make, the longest I’ve ever spent baking anything. So I guess I would make those to buy myself more time.


Absolutely not a fan. And in that pic they kind of look like muppet vaginas.


My generation actually has been known to tag beaver shots with “macarons” on former millennial haunts like Tumblr, so you are not wrong.


Tumblr allowed beaver shots?


There was a time. Tumblr before Yahoo was actually the best place to find porn.

Edit: Here’s a nice article on it:


y’all need Jebus.

y’all crazy! get some.


I can see myself going out like that, btw, bake goods closely followed by murder/suicide.


Still does