Ask a Faithless Street Member


@thebalvenie What is your favorite track on Folklore?

@highlife Whatever happened to your wife’s jewelry business?

@monkey Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?

@DougoBlue Are you still making etchings or print blocks? If not, are you planning to start up again? What are your favorite subjects and why?

@nick What do you order at a Mexican restaurant?


i love champagne problems and dorthea on evermore.

folklore …i really like the 1 and this is me trying.


I haven’t done any etchings in quite a while. The studio I work at isn’t as equipped for acids that you use to etch the plates… you need very good ventilation and we’re not there yet.

I am still doing woodblock and linoleum block prints. I have actually just started working on a linoleum block print. It is a tryptic of a street scene. Getting back into urban landscape once again - one of my favorite subjects or genres. I also do figurative work as well as still lifes.

Most of my subject matter only really appeals to me. That’s all I really care about is pleasing myself.


what are your fave tracks off those two albums? @saf

also, how fucking good is Lover. i go back and forth between that one and 1989.

probably 1989 because my brother bought my daughter her first vinyl and it was 1989


No, no, Doug. I would buy your art in a heartbeat. I really like your art.


Thank you, that’s very kind.


I can’t fairly answer about Evermore, I literally had just heard it for the first time within minutes of you asking.

Mirrorball is my favorite track on Folklore.

There is only one Taylor Swift album that I love and the reasons are non-standard. That would be Red. @thebalvenie


i have a print dougo was kind enough to send me.

it’s a honeycomb w/ bees on it.

it hangs in my garage. i’ll have to post a pic next week


I can’t wait to see that.


Funny story about that print…

My cousin always sends me odd Christmas presents from Kentucky. She had sent me a couple years worth of presents without me reciprocating and so I thought I would send her a print. She had told me that she likes my prints. I sent her one of those Beehive prints and when she got it she sent me back a rather angry text saying “Don’t you know I’m very allergic to bees, why would I want to look at that?” Obviously I had forgotten about her allergies.


This is Me Trying is a great track though, I love that line “I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere.”


@monkey Where’s the best place you’ve ever been?”

I don’t honestly know how to answer this.


My wife had a partner in her business years ago, but they dissolved their partnership and closed the store. My wife continued making stuff, and reopened her own store after two years.


Just say Gweneth’s funk bucket.


Or wherever @thebalvenie has just been. Same thing.



@ Faithless-Street Board

How do you take your coffee?


Black as the night and strong like bull.


Strong with creamer by the gallon.


I wash it up with baking soda and smoke that MF