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Steak fajitas. Pretty much always.


Coffee strong with sugar and half and half.


Hand ground beans on demand, dash milk, 1/2 tsp brown sugar


I’m going to try that.


Generally about 18g coffee beans, fine grind in porlex grinder, then hario dripper with filter, 90 degrees centigrade water to wet grounds for 30 seconds, then slowly add water anti clockwise circles. Add dash milk and the sugar. Enjoy :wink:


I do a pour over for one pot, 10 8oz cups. 9 tablespoons beans finely ground. I use two metal filters, one for the coffee and the second for the coffee silt (dust). I like a really strong coffee but I do love to froo froo it up with hazelnut creamer.


Thanks for your answers everyone. I drink my coffee black, but I like to have it along with sweets or baked goods or the infamous jelly toast, American cheese, and fried egg sandwich. We drink unflavored light roast coffees half the time and flavored ones half the time.

Lately though I have a (pregnancy induced) taste aversion to the unflavored coffee. Since it’s just one cup a day and I’m home anyway, I’m switching over to Irish breakfast tea at the end of the week. Less caffeine and not as acidic. We drink Cameron’s coffee and buy our tea from Adagio.


I rarely drink coffee nowadays… can’t have it after noon or I’d be up half the night.


I do two scoops of hazelnut coffee, 1 scoop of unflavored and I sprinkle cinnamon in the dry coffee so it brews into it.

I make 6-8 cups in the morning, which is perfect for one large mug at home plus a big travel cup I take to work.

I set it up at night and it’s on a timer so that the minute I get out of bed it’s ready and waiting for me. :coffee:


Two pints a day, cold, leftover and black.



Edit: Oh, sorry. I thought we were talking about how we prefer steak fajitas.


Usually black. Anyone remember cappio? These were before cold brews were a thing.


what’s your go-to sugary cereal? and how much can you eat in one sitting?



I’m just little so I can only put down like two cups of cereal. I have lots of go-to sugary cereals… cereals in general! In no order whatsoever, here are cereals that I like:

All varieties of Cap’n Crunch
Any fruit in the middle Mini Wheats
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Frosted Flakes
Most types of Cheerios
Apple Jacks!
All Pebbles cereals, ranking: Peanut butter, Fruity, Cocoa
Berry Berry Kix
Rice Krispies Treats cereal
Reeses Puffs
Most varieties of Chex

… I know there are more, but I’m struggling to think of them.


I used to design websites for Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes, and Rice Krispies. Back in the old days we did a bunch of games and fun activities for kids… then all websites that skewed towards kids had to be eliminated and those sites were geared towards “moms”.

Our team was working on a really great Apple Jacks site featuring Cinna-Mon, the Rastafarian cinnamon stick man and his nemesis/sidekick Bad Apple. It was a really interesting site with lots of activities and featured a bunch of my illustrative work. We were just getting ready to launch the site and the Washington apple growers organization (or something) complained that our client had ruined the reputation of the apple with kids. “Why does Apple have to be bad?”

Our client pulled the plug on the whole website and killed the whole project that my team and I had been working on for months. At the time I was really upset, but now I totally understand their point.


TIL Doug was once a professional apple demonizer.

Great stuff, Doug! :slight_smile:


Yep, sounds like Whaaashington.


I got a bunch of these cool T-shirts when they were distancing themselves from Bad Apple!

I actually liked the Cinna-Mon ones better with his dreadlocks and sandals… his said SWEET! On the back.


Aw man. That’s a tragedy!


The one thing I learned from that whole experience (and by the ad business in general) was to not get too attached to anything you create… soon enough it will be watered down, ruined, and bastardized by the man to the point where it is unrecognizable.

I learned to just take home your pay and move on.