Ask a Faithless Street Member


these are all solid choices :slight_smile:


@LBSUNFLWR We finally tried brewing our coffee with cinnamon, turned out so nice! Thanks!


I love sprinkling cinnamon on top of my cappuccinos…my cousin visited our house 2 years ago and he made me try it… I’ve not stopped it since.

when you brew the coffee w/ cinnamon is it with sticks or ground?


@LBSUNFLWR said she was adding 1/4 ground tsp to her ground coffee, so that’s what I did. :slight_smile:



i can’t do that as i have the grinder that goes right into the tamper. i’ll just sprinkle. next time i’m around a drip machine i’ll give a whirl though. good idea!


This is the whitest conversation to ever happen here


more so than the upper crust snobby bourbon thread?

or my posts about fly fishing and squash?



None more white.


I’m trash. That’s all. THis all ties in really well.


You’re more like repurposed trash. Far more valuable.


When people “repurpose” trash I usually look at the end result as trash.



Totally. Don’t forget, we were talking about Uncle Nearest for a bit there. That has to count for something.


You’re like a really groovy end table made out of popsicle sticks.


I’d say more like a sundial made out of an erection.


Nice! :coffee:
I do that every day. I’m white like that.


@thebalvenie What subreddits are you subscribed to?


I was on a lot of them.

I deleted my account last October. That place was awful and full of mean trolls.

I was on:
Backpacking cooking
Fly fishing

And then of course all the usual popular ones

How about you?


Antique Bottles
Ask Reddit
Oddly Specific
Rock of Love
Ryan Adams
Serial Killers
Story of Seasons
Vinyl Releases