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If you work with any kind of magical tool, they share things in common. All tarot cards, astrological signs, and magical tools have elements, genders, and modalities associated with them. You can use these as shorthand for understanding things faster. E.g. you may not be super familiar with what it means when someone says that they’re one sign or another, but if you know the formula, that they are a fixed masculine air sign tells you a lot without having to memorize. Tarot is like this too, the major arcana are associated with astrological signs, and the suits of the major arcana are associated with the four traditional tools of witchcraft. It’s all interconnected.



@nick What is your favorite episode of the Office?

(Mine is Episode 4, season 1 - Training. (“Was that originally written about Princess Diana?”))


I have two!

Series 1, episode 6 - “Judgement” ("That’s not a phrase, though…I got good news and irrelevant news"
Series 2, episode 2 - “Appraisals” (the whole lunch drinks scene is brilliant)

Honorable mention
Series 2, episode 4 - “Motivation”


I would have to pick Dinner Party.




What number on the scale are you and what is your trigger, Faithless Street?


I don’t know what my triggers are. I do know that if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Misohphonia, call the law offices of James Sokolove now!



When our power goes out and our neighbor’s generator kicks on… that’s about a 6 for me.


I have a few triggers. Probably my biggest trigger is the sound of someone dragging their spoon across the bottom of their soup bowl. The sound of bicycle training wheels and lisps.

My favorite sounds are poker chips and cards shuffling and the sound of someone with a lisp getting punched in the face.


You must have enjoyed Mike Tyson fights.


I have a few triggers, whistling and some frequencies being two of them, but the biggest one is stuff that makes a shhf-shhf sound. People rubbing their dry hands together, dragging their flip flops on a dirty floor, fiddling with their stupid paper cup holder on their Starbucks. It is a 9 for me, I have literally put myself into dangerous situations popping off at people for this harmless annoyance, and I have made myself bleed digging my nails into my hands during meetings. It is much better when I am doing a daily meditation practice. 90000% correlation to anxiety.


I can relate so hard to this. My neighbor decided to have four children inside of three years and he cannot stand to be inside. Our property is separated by a two feet of grass between our driveways. He loves to come out and chip ice off his driveway at 6:30am, he loves using his leaf blower in early March. Taking out his table saw. Testing his generator. When my daughter was a baby, he used to heat up his massive diesel truck right outside her window at 4:30am for an hour and a half all winter and that is why she’ll never be valedictorian. I can’t even check my damn mail without him whipping his head in my direction like the driveway is his masturbatorim and I am his nosy mother.


We are close to our neighbors too, I fully understand your pain. That guy across the street with his router and table saw in his garage can make me cringe.

However, the blue herons, red-winged blackbirds and other wildlife more than makes up for it.


Thought of another sound I really really love. The first glug out of a brand new bottle of whiskey. It’s typically just the first pour that makes the sound. The only bottle that guarantees multiple glugs is the Willett Pot Still bottle.


My favorite sound is the E minor chord on guitar. My husband has a contrived social laugh that sounds normal, his real laugh is his “weasel laugh,” and that’s my favorite too. I also like it when the baby makes weird undead growling noises, my daughter used to creak like a bullfrog.


Person with misophonia experiences substantial psychic discomfort. Increasing use (louder, more frequent) use of confrontational coping mechanisms. There may be unwanted sexual arousal. Sufferer may re-imagine the trigger sound and visual cues over and over again, sometimes for weeks, months or even years after the event.

Whenever i hear Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire”



sorry…i fucking hate jazz music…like the kind that uses random horns and flutes and sax and shit that just juts in and out of nowhere and pierces the room and i’m sitting there becoming agitated and i don’t know why i’m agitated and i feel myself becoming angry…and then it hits me…it’s the fucking jazz music on in the background.

also, my neighbor’s akitas. my wife got stuck in a ditch by their property and those dogs are very bad ass and beautiful and PROTECTIVE…but jesus…i was working on my wife’s car and digging it out and settiup up a tow hitch…that was probably a level 5 or 6 for me…i literally panicked out of nowhere…was super stressed…i couldn’t think or hear straight. i just stopped and had to leave.

and yeah…my dog licking his lips or nuts in the middle of the night is about a 1 or 2



With me it is the opposite. Jazz calms my nerves and sends me to another place altogether. I grew up listening to “Avant Garde” jazz, it was my brother’s music of choice and it reminds me of him.

I could listen to John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Charles Mingus and Roland Kirk for days. Most of my friends, like you find it grating… which somehow makes it more my own.