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Very disappointing after Isaiah Livers got hurt and didn’t play for Michigan in the tournament. He’s the hometown kid from Kalamazoo and one of the team captains. He was their best shooter and scorer and defensively he would have been covering #3 for UCLA that scored more than half their points.


you’ve been sitting on that one for a while, eh?


That Jujang kid is something else.



Gonzaga looks ridiculously good, though.


I’m for UCLA this tournament. They had to play their way in and have taken out a one and a two seed.

Plus young Bob Marley. :peace_symbol:


You aren’t kidding. That kid looks so much like a young Bob.


True, I was yelling at the screen about “Bob” and his natty dreads.


Hell of a game Gonzaga vs UCLA. Wow, that ending!!


That was a great game! Should be an epic final.


Damn damn damn I missed it!


I tuned in right after, so it was done but they were showing the repeat. Like I was one minute too late to see it live.

Truth be told I was trying to see if the game was over and the news had started so I could see the weather segment, but there it is.


I was dozing in and out of consciousness and was awoken by the announcers getting excited.

Banking in the game winner from 30’ is a good way to win, but I felt bad for the Bruins.

When I was a kid UCLA won something like ten National Championships in a row. That was the only real sports dynasty I remember. It was great to hear Bill Walton talk about that period of his life with Coach Wooden.


Do you guys think I should put my Ryan Adams record collection up for sale locally or post it on Reddit? I don’t want to piecemeal it out, but sell it all at once, so not selling through Discogs.


probably ebay, eh? those on reddit and discogs use ebay as well. and it’s virtually hassle free.

you could share your ebay listing on reddit and facebook too


I decided to list them locally to avoid the hassle of having to package and ship them, if they move, they move, if they don’t I can consider something more troublesome when my listing expires. :slight_smile:


I sold my other records yesterday, got rid of 19 things, mostly the Kurt Vile catalog and junk Dualtone sent me for free. Feels good, man, more room for stuff I actually love.


Color vinyl collectors of Faithless Street - What is your favorite color vinyl album in your collection? Can we see it?


I’m out of state right now but it’s probably my Big Star white vinyl or my Squeeze pink vinyl. Got a few Squeeze colors.


I think I only have three.

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense, (Rauchenberg cover) clear vinyl.
J. Geils Band - Bloodshot, red vinyl.
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - The Nashville Sound, orange swirl vinyl.


I have the Gold red and blue. Bought as an investment that didn’t really pan out…