Ask a Faithless Street Member


My fictional band name is 1 Out Of 10 Dentists.


If you pronounce Iowan ee-oh-wen, it sounds like a LOTR elf name.


I had to google LOTR.
And DNR.


Fake band name: Carburetor


Amish Taxi


Sevenpence One the Richer




this is my favorite


dept of natural resources and do not resuscitate


So, there is a man who is on the city council here. His name is Bob Troyer. And he is, in fact, Amish by birth & he drives for Uber.


His rumspringa never ended, and now he be shunned.


Faithless Street board, please describe your favorite sandwich.

My favorite sandwich changes all the time, but right now I’m having hard salami (shh), habanero jack, and beer mustard on wheat. It’s ratchet and spicy.


Tomatoes, mayo, salt & pepper on toasted rye bread.


Right now….rafting…fly fishing…I’m on a huge sandwich kick…usually, it’s cold fried spicy chicken with franks red hot…

Right now
White bread
Roasted turkey breast
Colman’s spicy mustard

And every post from here on out….
Fuck you @Dan33185 fuck you asshole


For me, there are the following food groups:

But a few good sandwiches of late.
Grilled boneless teriyaki chicken thigh with cole slaw on a bolillo roll
Turkey, swiss and hard salami (aw yeah) with spinach, mayo and mustard on a wrap
Bahn mi with pork pate and belly
And as always, toasted Italian sub with mayo and balsamic vinegar


Smoked streaky bacon, oven cooked until crisp, real salted butter, colman’s English mustard on my homemade rosemary bread.


Oh. My. God.


The fuck is “streaky” bacon?!


I think it’s the bacon term for marbled. Fat and pork in equal measure.


Saf has it right, belly pork area but treated as bacon. Usually resulting in straighter slices with higher fat ratio