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What is your favorite vegetable to touch yourself with?


Got to be the butternut squash, naturally shaped to let you know if you’ve gone too far…




limp broccoli


Parsnips FTW.

'Snip it up!


For the parents in the group: how do you make peace with your last baby being your last baby? It’s going way too fast.


For me it was a little different I suppose. I had a vasectomy because we felt that going for any more would be pushing our luck. All three of mine were preemies and spent at least a week in the NICU. They are healthy now. Considering everything that happened when my youngest was just two, I have not only found peace with my decision, but I am also thankful. I look at Leo and he doesn’t truly grasp everything that was taken away from him. It would be even harder if I had one younger than Leo.


You think it is going fast now, it won’t be a long wait until grandchildren are here… then you’ll really want it to slow down.


can’t say i’ve thought about that or worried about that. i have two healthy wonderful human beings …i’m content and satisfied with the two. i got snipped shortly after our second girl and i don’t regret that at all. my wife is happy with the two too


And the kids :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


so true.

i recall high school taking forever…then time got a bit faster through college and then with kids…it’s been a fucking flash…a good flash but damn it’s gone by


It’s sad, for sure. I try to focus on having a richer marriage/partnership/love because the kids are older and more independent. I’m also just happy that I have two children and they have each other. I’d be bummed only having one kid.

In a less sentimental vein I’m in my mid 40s, wife isn’t that far behind and we’ve seen older parents have children with autism and other problems. I know I’d struggle with that and being the kind of parent a special needs kid requires.



Guys, which is the better “My Girlfriend’s abortion” song?

The Freshmen - The Verve Pipe
Brick - Ben Folds Five I cried laughing at this.






Not only did I have no idea this song was about an abortion until well into my college years, I once sang it at the karaoke machine in a Discovery Zone at my sixth-grade birthday party.

Still laughing over this because I have my own version of it. I sang A Long December at someone’s 13th birthday in a rented out night club called “The Edge” in Iowa City, IA.

Edited to add that I did not know what Recovering the Satellites was about until I posted an article here talking about how the album was about coming to grips with sudden fame and constant touring…. I was like…. It was??? I think A Long December is about… California? It is, right?


‘December’ was the disturbingly lyrically accurate soundtrack to the dissolving of my last adult-kept innocent notions about love. And released right on time too.

Few things will drive me to brown liquor and a two-day funk like that song if I let it burrow. Somehow it’s always close enough to touch, even if I forget to.


Hills Like White Elephants.


Interesting about The Freshman being about abortion… I never knew.

Brian Vander Ark, the lead singer for the Verve Pipe is from around here and my friend used to manage the band. Also a former friend of mine used to live with him when she was still in high school (sheesh). Hope it’s not about her, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it was.