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Imagine trusting a stranger enough to let them give you an abortion… couldn’t be me.


That’s why I take everyone to my buddy Glenn.


Well, it’s Indiana, so your buddy Glenn may want to stock up on coat hangers soon.


we use plungers here in montana


Where do you guys land on this debate? Should you be able to sue the subject of your photographs for use?

I’m provisionally on Snoop’s side here, because paparazzi culture is so toxic and because photos can and are taken without consent, but I also don’t make my living taking photographs. It would be cool to see it from the other side with so many photographers on this board… I mean, I love art. Is there a compromise to be made here?


i’m w/ snoop


yeah, that… and December.


Does anyone here do sourdough or kombucha or kefir?


I did sourdough 12 years ago. A woman gave me a starter. I only got as far as making sourdough pancakes.

Same deal with kombucha (ordered the mother or whatev it’s called), went through the process but I could never get the tea to be effervescent, just sweet and sour.

Unrelated, sauerkraut is much easier. I have a fermentation crock pot and it’s nearly impossible to mess up.


Not a fan of Kefir. I prefer his old man Donald.


we’ve done sourdough and kefir

but not for a couple years.

i wanna get this kitchen remodel thing done (by fall) and then start making an area in the yard for chickens and ducks and a small garden w/ a compost. i already bought our compost bin thingy that rotates.


Parents of Sons on Faithless Street, what is your take on circumcision?


It’s unnecessary. I’m circ’d and I know it looks nice, but continuing to circ seems more like an outdated tradition.


Cut it

No one wants an anteater


It’s painful. I couldn’t walk for a year


Monkey is gonna need pics


Define “no one.”


I’ll have to disagree with this.


Which part?


Ask John Bobbit how he feels about it.