Ask a Faithless Street Member


Oh god, what a dirt bag.


Even on the Ryan Adams scale.


The upside of circs is they keep the skin and use it on burn victims. They use the skin’s fibroblasts to grow more cells.


I am uncircumcised and have used my skin on burn victims.


Solid Tinder byline.


This is true, but you have to be careful when using the foreskin on eyelids. There’s always a chance you turn out cockeyed.


Wasn’t a year for me, more like a week or so. Certainly a bit weird at first, but it’s fine.


He was joking about being a baby when it happened, but what’s the story, Nebulance? Did you have to have it done later for some reason?


I know a guy who had it done in his 50’s. Sounded excruciating.


Cannot understand it. It’s genital mutilation, no two ways about it.


I knew a mohel. He saved all the bits and had them sewn into a wallet. A wallet I asked? He said yes, but if you rub it it turns into a suitcase.


In Texas they wear brontosaurus foreskin boots.


Bill Murray’s brother did my circumcision. I cannot say enough good things about Brian Mohel-Murray.

The same Rabbi that performed my circumcision also officiated my wedding- The Mohel the Marry-er

My wife loves to blow me after she covers my dick with chocolate and marshmallows. She loves my s’moreskin.


Are all three of you lost? @thebalvenie literally has an entire empty thread for these jokes… :wink:


This is about 10–12 years ago now. I had just broken up with my then-girlfriend, after finding out she was cheating on me. I had a UTI, and so while I was at the doctors also had STD testing to be sure. In the process of all the testing and examinations, we found let’s call it, a “quality of life” reason for why I had it done. But thankfully no STDs.


@thebalvenie What is your advice for a happy marriage? I already have one, but I want to make it as long as you have and have it be just as happy.


spend as much time as possible on message boards.


a good marriage/relationship boils down to communication…it doesn’t even have to be good communication (at first, but it should evolve) but there has to be communication and the more the better. and yeah, it’s tiresome and it’s scary and it’s hard work.

i think this is my mantra that I’ve been reading and keeping in mind for a long time:


I used to do kombucha. But, the mother has been hanging out in my fridge doing nothing for about a year now. I should probably start brewing again or toss her out.

I do sauerkraut every year and this year, I’m going to try my hand at making dandelion wine – that later is what happens when I spend a month in rural Colorado with nothing to do when I wasn’t traveling for work.


Are any of you extroverts?


I’m both. Lean a bit more extro

It’s taken a lot of sled talk and self work

I prefer outdoors and little to no people

But I can also thrive in a social setting
I love to listen to stories and talk to people