Ask a Faithless Street Member


How can you tell if a mathematician is an extrovert?

They look at your shoes when they talk to you.


So in that sense, yes.


I would say I am an extrovert.

I often talk to strangers in public. I used to work in Sales and I was a waitress for 20 years. I feel I can make conversation with just about anyone.


Let’s try this again. :slight_smile:


I’m feeling extrovert.


Totally introvert. I’m with Ron Swanson on this…

“I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”


The problem with the question is the framing. Extroversion/Introversion occurs on a spectrum. I’m an ambivert.


I’m a pervert


I am an intro-pervert.


Okay, I’m looking for a person who is strongly extroverted, then I’m looking for a further layer after that. Ping me back if you are:

  1. Strongly Extroverted
  2. Had Siblings who were not
  3. Had at least one strongly introverted parent

Thanks for the help, gang!


@saf I’d say I’m mostly introverted in the sense that I favor small groups or one-on-one conversations, but I actually love talking on the phone. I will BS about anything and everything with close friends for hours. My friends/coworkers would argue I’m actually more extroverted/personable than I think – but really I think it comes down to whether or not I like the people around me :joy: – or I’m maybe just not your typical physicist.


Lemme get this straight–you’re looking for a person who is strongly extroverted–on a music-originated message board?

Aren’t all those type of people milling around in public and glad-handing other likeminds? Too busy at the sales convention in Sacramento to ferret out a little time for posting their pet peeves?


If you’re looking for neuro-diverse whiskey drinkers who are comfortable talking in public to large groups but who wilt in forced-gatherings and find regimented chit chat soul-abrading, then I’m your man.


Do any of you know your Myers-Briggs personality types off the top of your head?

I’m an INFJ - the Advocate (pause for sarcastic shock)


fills pause


I’m a Golden Retriever.




An IDGAF. Not that you GAF.


Ha! Right. The most recent person to sign up has yet to post.


Yeah, I wonder why, you guys are so friendly all the time…