Ask a Faithless Street Member


Look, I promised that I would never accuse anyone here again of being Ryan Adams. What more can I do?



I mean, seriously, what more could I even ask?!


Especially since the first thought when I saw the last person who signed up lurking was: I bet that’s Ryan Adams.


But did I accuse them of that? Oh no, I didn’t!


I am dying. I was thinking it might be one of his love interests or maybe even GoldFalcon.


Accusing someone of being one of Ryan Adams’s love interests may in fact be a lower blow than accusing them of being Ryan Adams. I don’t know about accusing someone of being GoldFalcon.


At the risk of playing to my school marm role/brand, the Meyers Briggs might be the least valid personality test and it’s shocking that people still talk about it.

If you want a more validated test, try the Big Five Personality Inventory.


Well, or maybe:



That is such a Chandler thing to say.


Could I feel more understood?


I’m Chandler. Could I be wearing more clothes?


Extroverted introvert here.

Life of the party among people I know but really overwhelmed in groups of people I don’t.


The true determination is how you get your energy. Is it from quiet reflection or is it from being with people? If people make you tired, you are an introvert. I am capable of public speaking, training a group for eight hours straight, giving tours, talking to strangers all day, sure…. But it makes me tired, it doesn’t give me life.



Energized by hanging out with people I know and love but if I have to be in a large crowd I get exhausted for days.


My friends used to call me the extrovert growing up. I get juiced by interacting with people. I can and will talk to anyone. I get up in front of people and sing 2-3 times a week and would do it more if I could.


I don’t like people. I don’t like to people.


Very much the case for me.

Even with people I love, I tend to take 1–2 hrs to myself when I get home to kind of “recalibrate” :joy:


Sartre got it pretty right, if you ask me:


Couldn’t agree more. I’ll only really engage with strangers when I’m pissed.