Ask a Faithless Street Member


I like talking to random people if they don’t seem too obnoxious. Elbow up at some weird tavern somewhere and strike up a conversation with anybody who seems willing.

I’m probably the kind of person that turns people into introverts (whatever that really is, or isn’t).

… but then again, you guys all know my propensity for rambling storytellingly.


i’m the same way. i can do this anywhere and most anytime. I’m not shy or afraid to chat. and I’m mischievous so i have a propensity to fuck w/ people.


I like having the occasional conversation with a stranger. Especially a strange one.

I don’t know why, but I seem to attract people who are looking to tell me more information than I want. It happens all the time even though in my mind I am trying to cast a “No need to speak to me, move along” vibe.

A few weeks ago I was in a hotel lobby and a Bostonian guy walked up to me upon seeing my tattoos. He insisted on showing me a trailer for a a documentary about tattoo artists.

After that he explained how he was in town for his mother’s 93rd birthday. He proceeded to ask me if my mom was alive or “in heaven”. I said she was alive. He then asked “What about your dad? Is he in heaven?” I responded that I was pretty sure he wasn’t. He looked confused then walked away.


I like talking to strangers in the right setting. I don’t approach them, they somehow find me. Months ago, I talked at length with a woman with a burgeoning case of alopecia. Her elbows also showed signs of severe eczema. She did my walk-around when I was renting a car. We formed a bond and it was gold! We had a nice chat that didn’t raise any eyebrows. She has a son, and I’m not joking, named Harry.

Also, I truly believe that you can ascertain if someone is an introvert or an extrovert by asking if they would do karaoke with you.


Are you team Gotye or team Kimbra and why?



Does it matter?








I am hesitant and suspicious. They do not look like “let’s have a barbie” people. No koalas or Tolkien stuff in the video either.