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Rhubarb creeps me the Fuck out. You people are sick. SICK!


I got an MFA, which is ‘terminal’, so I can teach with it. If you only get an MA, you’re often much more limited in terms of teaching options, often only adjunct but it depends on the school. Most want you to move on to get your PhD, so the MA isn’t as useful unless you plan to keep going.

In terms of what I learned, my writing became much better, and I was published pretty heavily before I went, so I didn’t suck. I enjoyed the people I met, and learned a shit ton, but I’ll be paying until I’m in the grave.


Dear Faithless Street members,
What would happen if everyone on earth stood as close to each other as they could and jumped, everyone landing on the ground at the same instant?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


Everyone would look like a complete moran at the same time, that’s what would happen.


yellowstone would ignite and blow!


Yo, you on Google Scholar? Inbox me your profile URL.


It’s actually good for diabetics. Like sweet potatoes. And vigorous exercise. Shit is reversible.


Don’t know what that is.


It’s a place to showcase publications and it keeps track of citations from your publications. Example


Here is a good one Ely. Mark T Wendell seems to always keep a higher standard of quality.

“Overview of Dragonwell Green, Special Grade
China’s most famous and highly prized green tea is hand picked in the Hangzhou region and our special grade is rarely available outside of China. Also known as Lung Ching, Its tender, flat green leaves produce a light emerald green liquor with a most intriguing aroma of sweetness and vegetative taste.”



Rodknee ~

Are you still playing WWF?





Just started again the other day. I’m playing with LB & Kees.


Are you playing WWF Wrestling with your friends?


Ha! No.


So this ended up being about fruit and library books. Riveting stuff gang.


"what is your hottest selling plum?"
Hahahaha! Missed this first time around.


Inquiring minds want to know.



Are you still listening to Monk?


Nah…couldn’t do it. The genre is just not for me. :frowning: