Ask a Faithless Street Member


That’s too bad. I remember you saying how much you enjoyed listening to Monk. :monkey_face:
Well, if you change your mind, lmk. I have plenty to share. :musical_note:



i’m gonna get it right now.

look forward to kicking your ass.


Challenge accepted, Rodknee! :smiling_imp:

You’re late to the game, I’m already using WWF 2!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He cheats.


I’m not. What do I need to do?


Just go to the App Store and DL Words 2 (I think that’s what it’s called).
Sign in or you might be automatically signed in if you still have your other version.
And then delete the other version.



I thought you guys were talking about a WWF wrestling game.


Yes. I’m Big John Stud and Balv is Rowdy Roddy Piper obviously. UV is The Hulk. :kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue::slightly_smiling_face:


I got dibbs on Pompero Firpo!




He was an old school wrastler from back in the 70’s.

That’s the only reference I have with “Big Time Wresting” guys. I was a fan back when I was 10 or so…

Bobo Brazil, George “The Animal” Steel, Haystacks Calhoun and the like.


I knew George the animal. I watched with my brother in the 80’s. Even saw it live once.


Them’s the good ole days.

Back when that shit was real. :smirk:


Do u like word games Dougo?

Would love to play ya


Me too


I got burned out on that game several years ago…

This one dude beat me like three games in a row at the very end. Came up with these words right at the end that I had never heard of for the win. Must of had access to some website that would feed you words you needed. Haven’t played since then.

Not really a gamer at all anyway.


play with us.

we don’t fucking cheat


I’m not saying you do or would. It just ruined me wanting to play it anymore.

I deleted the app and don’t really do any games.

I have so many other bad habits as it is. :grinning:


Can I be Tiger Jeet Singh?


Sure, I’ll see if the Iron Sheik is available and maybe we could do a tag team stretcher death match.