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Mochiron, nihongo o shaburemasu yo! Ichi nen kan ni watashi wa Mito-shi no Midorioka koukou de koukan ryugakusei deshita. Kaku nouryoku wa kantan desu…shougakkou no reberu desu.

Natto ga ma ma desu…I actually lived with the owners of a natto factory at my 4th homestay. My clothes and suitcases stunk forever after I returned to NY, I had to throw everything out!

My girlfriend was from Hitachi-naka - I spent some time there. She was 10 years older than me and her parents had their own farm with horses…it was a pretty cool time in my young life.


Nannen mae ni sundeta no? I’m impressed that you learned to speak so well in just a year!

Watashi ha 2008 ni Hitachi-naka ni hikkoshitekimasita. Sono ato 2011 ni Hawaii ni itte, mata sengetsu kaittekimashita.

My mom is from this area and my parents moved here about 30 years ago.
Otosan ha America jin desu. He’s been here, in Japan, for close to 60 years.

I love natto but I don’t think I’d want to live in a natto factory! If I had to smell it 24/7, I don’t think I’d care for it!
Which factory? Tengu, Okame or Daruma natto?

When I first moved here, I couldn’t stand it. I grew up in Tokyo so everything was too “inaka” for me.
Too much farmland and too many rice paddies. But then living in Honolulu made me change my mind and I actually missed all that. I love the tranquility of this place now. Maybe I’m just getting old! haha!

How did you like it here?
4th homestay? All in one year?


ohio ga syz miss


August 1999 - June 2000. Tengu natto to omoimasu, Mito eki no chikaku. Sono otosan no namae wa Sugishita san.

Inaka is the best. In 2012, my wife and I returned to Japan and spent a week in Tokyo and a week in Mito, with an overnight at Nasu. Japan has shades of green that seem to only exist there.

4 homestays…atarashii family every 3 months!

Daigaku de ni nen kan Nihon go o benkyou shimashita.




I know where Tengu natto is! That’s right near my haishya-san!

Yes, inaka is the best! I send my friend in Tokyo rice and fresh veggies and he’s so happy! haha!
We get them free from the local farmer and we have plenty to give away and my tonmodachi can’t wait to get his care package every month.

Must have been quite an experience. I’m trying to remember where I was in 1999 - 2000…I was in Tokyo so we wouldn’t have bumped into each other in Mito. There were so few gaijins here back then. I’ve noticed a lot more lately but I still get starred at for looking different! :grin:

Maybe next time you come for a visit we can get together and have some of that beer from
Ibaraki! :beers:


The correct spelling is UNAGI, Rodknee.




Since you’re in touch with egg :egg:

Could you please ask him:

Thanks! :fried_egg:


Also could you ask where the fuck is egg?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good question! :egg:


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question for you faithless street members: Can you unsuck a penis???


never successfully, I’ve found .


When I open a thread, it’ll recommend a handful of other threads I might be interested in, which is how I found this. Why don’t you banter about fruit anymore?

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@LBSUNFLWR I seem to remember you saying that you had decades of waitressing experience, what’s your most memorable customer encounter? If I’m totally thinking of someone else, have you tried plums yet? What did you think?


@Monkey What kinds of depression meals do you eat more than 3 times per month?

@DougoBlue Why are you so nice? Do you have to try to be so nice or does it come naturally?

@inky Listen, gingersnap, are you a man or a woman? I thought for the longest time that you were one but now I think you’re the other and it’s changed how I’m reading this entire board.

@Ely_Plains What is your favorite book in the library? Does it bother you when someone asks for it to be transferred to another branch, or does it warm your heart that someone else is looking at it? - Edit, nevermind, you’re not that kind of librarian… Does your school use key capture on the computers? Do you get alerts when someone puts a USB drive in?

@Excowboy Did you watch Saxondale religiously? Did you love it?

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I forgot all about this thread. It acted like a kind of chat room. Miss UV and I don’t think I’ve seen grim around for a while.

I love your question to me, @saf. So much so I’d hate to ruin it.


I already found the answer in the sexual harassment thread. I was right the first time! Inky, what are your favorite colors? What is the context that you most love to see your favorite colors if you have a context? Sorry you got such a generic question first time, it was just top of mind after reading about your outrageous Christmas work party.


I don’t know what depression meals are. I know what drinking is. :slight_smile:



Follow me for more recipes.


I’m not religious, and I’ve never seen Saxondale, so unfortunately I disappoint across multiple topics. However, I probably might love it, as I’m usually a fan of Steve Coogan.