Ask a Faithless Street Member


@Ankaa What is your favorite new wave record?

I’ll say Seven and the Ragged Tiger by Duran Duran.


it’s not overly cold. although we do have a record here in montana…biggest temp drop in history
it was 40 degrees one moment and within 10 or so hours it went to -50

i love the cold. fall is my fave.
my favorite ways to experience the outdoors in cold are fly fishing (wading or by raft) and skiing, camping and hiking. exertion in the wilderness in cold cold air is exhilarating.

i grew up on a ski hill. my brother and i were on the race team and skiied every day on winter break and would even skip school w/ my dad and ski. my dad would chase winter storms and drive right into them with us and we’d go all over and ski. i’ve gone heli skiing in canada twice and skied in the swiss alps and the italian dolomites. i’m a blessed man.


It’s funny you should mention Crystal’s biography. Renee (ElevatorLady) was always on my case that I needed to read it, and I bought it, but I just can’t bring myself to read another damn musician’s biography. They’re just so boring. The fucking thing is staring at me from the shelf right now. Glowering, really.


You might want to pass, honestly. I mean, Warren Zevon is obviously not a nice guy, but being confronted with every horror story imaginable about just what a nice guy he isn’t was pretty upsetting to me, especially as a parent. I did get one chestnut out of it that was really good though… he obsessively collected plain gray t-shirts from the GAP, selecting a few from any table by feeling out if it was “lucky” or not. He never wore them, he hoarded them, having even storage units filled with them still in plastic sheaths. After he died, they were passed out to his friends and family who, of course, wore them.


Right. More and more, I have the feeling that I don’t really ever want to get to know any of the musicians that I really like. Some of them are clearly assholes, but I wouldn’t really know what to talk to them about, even if they aren’t assholes.


I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is my favorite rock bio. It’s filled with all sorts of crazy stuff, warts and all. His ex-wife did an excellent job.


I am certainly not as nice as I guess it would appear online. I just yelled at a two year old for throwing a cold chicken McNugget on the floor.


It’s like we’re on the same wavelength… the pandemic has increased the amount of time I spend with my kids by about 300x and I’m worried that having to be around my hormonal, sick crankiness constantly may be permanently damaging them. But I worry about most things most of the time, so I’m sure they’ll be fine.


@saf I’m more of a web developer/librarian type than I book type. I nibble on chapters at night, but haven’t blown through a thicky in a long time. Last time was probably Phillip Meyers The Son

Usually I’m inclined to more non-fiction, but now I want to read The Good Lord Bird.


I shot this photo downstairs the other day after you posted the photo with a yellow chair with a nice pillow and a banjo. I was going to post it and say we are somehow traveling on the same wavelength… but I thought you might think I was some sort of creep.


@saf Were you on the old .org site? if so what was your screen name?


“Most things I worry about / Never happen anyway.”


Lol it’s been awhile since I watched ATHF, but I would say Shake, Meatwad or Carl are my faves. (Bit of a copout I know.) Favorite episodes would be the Foreigner belt, the first Mooninites episode, the Bad Replicant or the cursed Sandwich. Used to watch all these over and over 10-15 years ago. I still do a mean meatwad impression but sadly it doesn’t come up as much.


No, I was only on TBY, and my username was willow_lane. I only started listening to Ryan Adams in 2014, I had just come off of a jag where I was almost exclusively only listening to Neil Young for the better part of a year and that turned into listening to only Ryan Adams for close to three. These days I’m working through Jason Molina, but I try not to only listen to one artist as much as I used to. I just get on one track and it’s hard to jump.


In the movie when the Mooninites are doing the theft and Er says “I like to smoke!” I unfortunately say “I like to drive!” like that any time I’m in the car and making questionable maneuvers… So I feel ya.


@saf I’ve played guitar most of my life and slowly gotten into repairs and such. I now buy and sell out of habit and so I can have a constant flow of ‘new’ ones to play. On any given day I might have 25-30 guitars on hand, but they won’t be the same ones I had last year–with a few exceptions.

I am currently on a hollow and semi hollow body kick.


@saf Why is pie better than cake?


Pie is more versatile, but I think Cheesecake is better than both. I’m completely obsessed with synthetic birthday cake flavoring though, if I see anything that purports to taste like a vanilla cake, from gum to booze to protein bars, I’m all over it.


I like pie. Show of hands, pie or cake?