Ask a Faithless Street Member


I’ll take whichever you have on offer. Thanks.



But a close second is my wife’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake. It’s amazing


I’m not touching that one.


I remember pie.

My dad used to always say that in order to try to guilt my mom into making him a pie.

Actually it is hard for me to pick a favorite, so I like to try all the flavors when we go to der Essenhause.


I was a waitress from age 16-36. My first waitress job was mostly serving rich old people. My boss said if I could handle that crowd I’d be able to handle just about anything in the future. She was right.

I always say I learned more about life by waiting tables than I learned in college.

I have a million stories but one from that job was a woman who came in often and alone for lunch. She had furs and diamonds on and drove a very fancy car. She’d pay her bill and then come to me and hand me $1.00 and say “this is for you honey, just give me 35 cents back.” She determined my tip should be 0.65 and I could never believe she couldn’t just give me the whole dollar. I was a 16 year old kid working hard for that dollar.


I still don’t like plums.

And sadly, I don’t buy and sell produce anymore. Those were the good old days. 🥬🥦


I’m not really into cake or pie.
I am very into cookies and brownies.

I know how to make one cake that is excellent though. It’s a sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake with cinnamon. Bundt cake.


@saf good question! I’m a scientist, so I love learning how things work, whether it’s my guitars, or computers, or whatever else; so I love the details. And of course, like all of us here, I love music – especially Petty, and lately Springsteen (I know, I’m late to the party).

How about you?


Springsteen was definitely my obsession 30+ years ago. I saw every show he played in Germany on the 1988 and 1992-93 tours. I learned English listening to bootleg tapes of Springsteen shows from the 1970s, trying to figure out what the fuck he was saying.


Aww, thank you for asking! I think it doesn’t matter if you’re late to the party on music… like meeting your soulmate, if you’re still drinking to black out every night and living in your mom’s basement, it’s not the right time… I think coming to musicians when you have a good idea of what you’re looking for makes your appreciation deeper. Tom Petty was the first musician I ever liked, I remember being a very small child and hearing him on the radio… I imagined that he had black hair and a beard and decided I was going to marry him. The very first CD I ever owned myself was his Greatest Hits compilation, I still have it!

In terms of context (does anyone like context?) I’m a 33 year old who isn’t quite five feet tall, I have GAD, I’m a married mother of two, three in August. I love to read, knit, and get into other hobbies semi excessively. I’ve had a phase where I converted one of my electric guitars into a short scale in my back pocket, but I’m saving it for the right time, complete with pictures and a bunch of funny anecdotes about how hard it was. I guess you could say that telling inane stories to strangers on the internet is a passion of mine. My favorite musicians are Jason Molina, Neil Young, Richard Edwards, and I’ve listened to the first two records from Strange Ranger (formerly Sioux Falls) about 500 times.


wow. this is cool.

and i’m jealous.


Did I tell you the story of how I saw him in a tiny bar in Berlin in 1995? He decided to film the video for Hungry Heart in Berlin with a local band. You can spot me singing here:


Very nice to learn a bit about everyone here! Thanks for reviving this thread! I didn’t know it was a thing haha! This guitar story you’ve got sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Agreed about coming to music at the right time. I’ve dabbled in Springsteen, but it was Western Stars that got me to go all in; I’ve loved that sound (Devils & Dust, for example), so Western Stars was a good reminder – well, more than that, it’s one of my most favorite albums ever. Other favorite musicians/bands of mine are the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Neal Casal, Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, and Josh Ritter, to name a few.


i had to google GAD

how come you mentioned your height?

i love context. how can one not? i also like random nonsensical too.

i’m a married man of two daughters, 2 labs, 3 cats, and 3 fly rods. i listen religiously to Gregory Alan Isakov and Bruce Springsteen. Ruston Kelly has been at the top of my list for the past couple of years. Jason Isbell is the ryan adams i always wanted.

i suffer from depression and after 39 years i decided to finally take medication for it. it’s been a huge blessing. i feel almost back to myself these days. i, like most people, suffered some hardships and setbacks and had to learn to cope…and medication helped push in the right direction…that being aware, mindful, and available to those around me. my oldest daughter turns 17 today. i have a 17 year old!!! i have to pinch myself most days and thank god for everything…and how blessed i feel to be loved, to have love, and to have others around me that i love.

i can’t knit…or i should i say i don’t have the patience for it.

How does GAD affect you? are you a homebody? do you go out? does your hubby help?


Letter to You is just amazing…have you listened to that yet?


now that is very cool.


Is the cake only about 3.5 inches away from being first? :wink:



you know, come on over and i’ll show you.


my one true obsession…other than my family…and other than the obvious of fly fishing and dreaming of casting and landing a big trout…

i obsess over the sport of Squash. dorky, nerdy, call it whatever…i love the strategy of it and the fast pace and cleverness you have to bring to the court…like chess at 120 mph. aside from that…it’s an amazing all body workout and i leave the court fully exhausted and spent.

now, baseball…


Anyone who is this short has had a fair amount of it coloring their experience. Because I’m this small, and because I have dimples, I am that person who has been offered a child’s menu or movie theater ticket well into my late 20’s and it’s definitely a factor in how I’ve been treated in professional settings.

Your depression story is very similar to my husbands. I am glad that you decided to take medication, it really changed his whole world, sometimes it’s just the answer (not for me, but I can’t even sort of argue that it was right for him, and probably for you too it sounds like). Happy birthday to your daughter!

My GAD affects every facet of my life, but I would be considered high functioning because I was pretty much raised to believe that if you’re not uncomfortable you’re being selfish or taking the easy way out. I didn’t used to be so much of a homebody, but the pandemic hit when I was pregnant and my midwife really pushed for me to not be interacting with the public like I was, so I left my job and now since we’re having to do distance learning and will soon have another baby (which was the plan) it makes more sense for me to stay home with the kids than work outside the home. The best way I can describe my anxiety is that I basically resist or try to delay doing anything as a default mode, I’ll feel dread about any task different from the one I’m doing an have to actively talk myself into moving on. It’s very hard to describe to someone who has never experienced it, but it’s basically like faulty wiring where I’ve had to augment the natural pathways to do what needs doing. But it does also give me a very healthy fear of failure and a sharp sense of justice, and so I’ll be stubborn enough to become above average at almost anything I attempt, so that’s nice.

I manage my anxiety with meditation practice, so we’re on the same path there.