Backpacking trip!!!


Took my two daughters and two of their friends on our annual trek into the Montana wilderness…it was quite the adventure…A torrential downpour coupled with pea-sized hail for over an hour, a run-in with a beehive, a chipped tooth, a wrong direction, setting up camp whilst soaked, and

so very very proud of these women. just badasses. i pushed em to the brink and some awesome little spots of time and father moments appeared…they’re witty, they’re caring, they’re thoughtful, they’re helpful, they’re funny, and as I was across the lake fishing I was able to hear them sitting together laughing and telling stories and listening to music. my job as a parent is to expose them to these extremes and these woods…maybe the mountains and love for hiking won’t stick but they’ll know how fucking tough they are. my job is to shut the hell up and listen AND learn from them…it’s their time and their world.


That one picture of them in a group is nice, in the sense that they clearly remembered to bring weed.


Two of them did…




Enjoyed the pictures


Wonderful shots, Rodknee! Thanks for sharing! Hannah and Sophia look fantastic and Sophia really looks like she’s enjoying herself in that second picture! :rofl:


They’re so cute, no matter how old they get. 🥰


I’m gonna guess who got the chipped tooth.


They will remember this trip for the rest of their lives and look back on it with pride and love… I guarantee it!

Now that my daughters are grown, hearing them relate details (that I had forgotten) of trips and adventures we had gone on decades ago makes my heart soar.

My guess is they will pass on a love of the outdoors to your grandchildren someday.

You are a good man, Rod.


that means a lot coming from someone I consider an even better man/person.

thanks dougo.

halfway through the trip and becoming lost on the trail my daughter sophia and I stopped to let the rest catch up…and I told her…for whatever reason the universe had in mind to put us in this very spot…to be soaked and to be pelted by hail and to land up on this very trail right now speaking these words…and so I said someday when we’re at a big dinner table and your children are crawling around our feet we’ll be laughing about this crazy adventure.


So very true.

…except the part about me being a better man/person.

My son-in-law’s sister, who moved to Ennis, MT last year visited us here on Sunday. I asked her about
Ennis and she said “OMG, I guess it is a fly fishing hot spot… I had no idea that was such a thing”.


ennis is a great town. we had bacon cheeseburgers and milk shakes in ennis when we got out of the mountains. place called the Sugar High :slight_smile:


That looks awesome and so much fun!