Bands that had great first albums then not so much...


First few that came to mind were Interpol, Bloc Party and Weezer. Interpol’s first album is somewhat derivative but I’d say it’s one of the best post-punk albums of the 00s. Same with Bloc Party. And we all know Weezer’s story…what are yours?


ryan adams


Now you know that’s not true.


Lmao he popped into my head after the fact


I like several of their albums, but Counting Crows have never been able to match or improve upon August & Everything After.


Always loved Mrs. Potter and Einstein on the Beach but never actually owned one of their albums.


August and Everything after, Recovering The Satellites and This Desert Life are all great albums.


Tracy Chapman.

Kim Richey.


Bloc Party




Not familiar. Are they gutter punk or post-hard core?




Mary Margaret O’Hara


The Wallflowers


The Jesus & Mary Chain. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (not that they were bad after the 1st one, but they never topped it)


Oh, wait…they only had one album. But, it was fucking stellar.


I liked Coldplay’s Parachutes, but that’s all I liked from them. I realize I’ve set myself up for relentless ridicule.


I really liked Parachutes also. They really took a turn for the worse into what they became. But no shame in admitting parachutes.


Blind Melon


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