Bands that had great first albums then not so much...


Same here, some great music on that album.


Blind Faith.


Liked it, also liked the 2nd one, but yeah the rest blows. Anybody ever listen to Days Of The New? They had a great first album but then the singer’s meth habit took hold and it all went to shit.




I felt this way for a long time. But I listened back to Fever To Tell and it’s not nearly as good as I thought back in the day. It seemed shrill and obnoxious at times. I actually like some of the mid career Yeah Yeah Yeahs when they were admittedly overproduced but better songwriters.


Does anyone listen to Band of Horses anymore? I haven’t kept up with them, but maybe they fit in this category.


My coworker does but she doesn’t listen to My Morning Jacket. I hate her.


Band of horses first two albums were good. Then everything after was just fair. I still like them but don’t listen to them too often. They have a couple of songs I absolutely love. That Acoustic at The Ryman album from a few years ago is really good.


If she doesn’t like My Morning Jacket then I don’t like her either.


Cool. She sucks.


She’s out of my friend circle!


I appreciate you getting behind this.


Bon Iver seems like another one.


You watch you words! Justin Vernon doesn’t know how to do anything BUT make exceptional albums!


The Offspring and Ugly Kid Joe come to mind


That’s what she said…


Definitely not on the Bon Iver.


I thought you didn’t folk music…