I just heard those words…

Twitter has blocked or banned Trump’s account.
This is getting serious.


They’re asking him to delete certain tweets within 12 hours and if he doesn’t capitulate, his account will remain frozen.


I think they should ban the Electoral College, which has been nothing but Affirmative Action for Republicans for 150 years.


Twitter has no power to ban the Electoral College.


Says you.



I remember when Ryan Adams blocked me on Twitter and I was taken aback. Just because I was on the .org

I was kind of amused, then never “followed” him after that.


I’m slightly offended. I have yet to have an online Ryan encounter and I have started two of these message boards.


ryan and i talked about mandy moore in saved on the shoutbox in RAA…then he asked who my favorite actress was …at the time i said natalie portman…he said you should get her balv go get her


He re-posted my misfits pic and said he owed me a meal and a shake which could have meant an unwelcomed nude facetime if I were 15 at the time.


dang it!


I know. This close.


You need to show more ass.


Yeah but who is it now?


i love jessica chastain…i’ll always love meryl streep…

i think winslet and blanchett are both equally amazing.

chastain ftw…right now.



i’m a huge fan of young portman…she’s not been as compelling since beautiful girls or leon


I don’t think you want an “encounter” from what I hear


Twitter banned Trump permanently.


So if Trump starts a war now, the Republicans can blame it on “cancel culture.”


This is awesome.

Take away his mouthpiece and the emperor has no clothes.


Thanks–that made me picture Trump naked.