Beer (so much more than just a breakfast drink)


Without reservation this is my favourite craft beer

It’s Beavertown, owned and managed by Led Zep’s Robert Plant’s son, Logan.

The beer is amazing and their design is unique.

It started in cans and the Gamma Ray and Neck Oil are on tap now too. Fortunately / unfortunately my nearest pub now has both (and a few of the cans)

Note to self: Don't Die

Full disclosure, I’m having a pint of Gamma Ray right now. Perfect end to the weekend.


Like they say egg

“Go Hard or Go Home !”


Are those Adult Swim branded beers?


No, they are Beavertown. As far as I know they are independent and not owned by another corporate umbrella brand.

As far as I know some in North America have imported it. I can understand why.


Full disclosure…last wednesday was the day i’ve been waiting for all summer since my favorite brewery announced they were going to can their amazing Fresh Bongwater Hemp Ale

it’s an amaing pale ale w/ a bit of hemp aromas and funk …all in a great fuckin way. so…suffice it to say …it was a great early xmas present and life is good :wink:


weird…my wife always says Get hard! or Go home!


It was a joke about their cans.


That sounds all kinds of crazy. Great name too. It’s so much better if a great beer has a fun name. You just think they are cool guys.


I was pretty civilised. I just had 2 pints and off.

You can’t just have one.

As my gran used to say “A bird never flew on one wing…”


your grandma sounds like a genius!


Last week I had a beer that was made from morel mushrooms.

Way too fucking expensive for my taste though. They were selling it for $1 an ounce.


did have an earthy undertones w/ nutty shoulders?


Yeah, it was earthy as fuck.

Dirt is earthy tasting too!


Just gonna blow the froth off a Boags Premium Lager, a great Tassie beer.
Been another Hot day here, Ahhhhhhhhh, that’s Better !


Don’t bogart that Boag, pass it over to me.


This all weekend…

tonight…going over to a friend’s house w/ a bunch of other friends…

having a sandwich competition…

i’m making the best fucking bacon cheeseburger they’ll ever have and pairing it w/ fresh bong

saturday…squash and snow shoveling…FRESH BONG

sunday…sleeping and snow shoveling…FRESH BONG


All weekend? If it were me I’d need another box or two…


Here’s your next beer… BOG WATER


that pic is from google

my fridge has two boxes in it and i am buying 2 more after my younger daughters xmas school program.

gotta get my shopping done for the burger/sandwich contest tonight!!!